Outer Rim Smugglers

Thursday Night Kessel Runs

Every week we host a local tournament called Thursday Night Kessel Runs. Players compete for a chance to be the Smuggler of the Week. Commentary is provided, FREE OF CHARGE!

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You can find a link to all our articles about this awesome game here. We hope to put out at least one per week, and they will range from deck ideas to tournament reports. Check back often for new content!

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Live Streaming

We live stream a multitude of events, from weekly TNKR games to Regional/Prime tournaments to box openings/drafts! A great place to interact with fellow Destiny players through chat and those fun emoji things.

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About Us

We are a group based out of Birmingham, AL who LOVE to play and talk Star Wars Destiny! We range from your casual player to a top tier competitive player who strives to win every time.

Our group includes multiple Top 4 cut participants from the recent Regional/Prime season, including a few Top 2 finishes. We constantly discuss this game and look for ways to improve our overall game while being good ambassadors of the game.

New players are absolutely welcome to join and we enjoy teaching the game and even helping with card selections and swapping cards to build decks for others.

Our various social media outlets are constantly active with chat and updated information on a daily basis to help provide the community a great resource for information. Make sure to check them all out and join our free discord server.

We're glad you found our page. Stick around a while. It's almost time for another Smuggler Run and we may need you!



We have a FREE discord server open for anyone to join! Just click the button over here and join the party and let's talk Destiny! We cover everything from general chat to Spoilers and deck building.