Luke/Yoda Saves the Day!

Last night I hopped on TTS to try out some of the AWESOME new spoilers we have received lately from all the great content creators in the community. A HUGE thank you to each and everyone of you for making these kind of things happen. Especially Jackalmen Games for taking the time to make proxies so we can get our hands in the mud and see what cards are good and what are not. The original point of this article was to talk about the changes I made to my Phasma/Commando deck with the recent set of spoilers announced, including the MegaTroopers and Quicksilver Baton. Well, after playing against Luke/Yoda with all that Soresu trash or whatever I feel the need to talk about that deck and the chance it has to be strong going into the early Convergence meta! So, without further wait, here we go. I’ll admit. When Stephen plopped this deck out on TTS I thought there was no way it could throw out enough damage and shield up at the same time. I knew he would be running Soresu Training and Mastery as we had talked about how many of each to add to the deck. He originally wanted to add one Training and two Mastery. I convinced him to swap and run two Training and one Mastery, as you can play Mastery from your hand or even discard pile if you can’t pay for it initially. In reality you probably want to run two of Continue Reading

Gungans are Nass-tay

Gungans are cool and hilarious, right? That’s what I thought as a kid when I first saw The Phantom Menace. Now? Not so much. I’m not going to go as far as saying Gungans – more specifically Jar Jar – ruin Star Wars, but they can make Episode I a little harder to re watch. All that being said, I’ve been running a trilogy Gungans deck the last few weeks in the Outer Rim’s Thursday Night Kessel Runs, and though I haven’t won much (yet), I think they will look stronger when we reach rotation. Maybe not Tier 1, but strong enough to greatly annoy people. Characters and Battlefield Let’s talk about how this deck wins. Indirect. Lots and lots of indirect. The deck I’ve been running has been eJarJar/Boss Nass/Gungan/Gungan for 28 health alongside Arena of Death. The first indirect piece is Boss Nass’ ability, which deals one indirect damage for each blank rolled when I active a Gungan character. By the math, that’s an average of 1.33 indirect damage each round just for activating all four characters. As the game progresses, characters will be defeated, allowing me to claim and deal one indirect for each defeated character I have. One of the wackiest forms of mitigation in this deck is Jar Jar. He can work both for me and against me. If I have yet to activate Jar Jar and I have lots of indirect on the field, my opponent can choose to activate him for their action, Continue Reading

Let’s Talk About Rotation

                                           ROTATION:         What does it mean and how does it impact your gameplay?        The most dreaded or anticipated, depending on your outlook, word right now in Star Wars Destiny is ROTATION. This will be the first time any of us have had to go through such a huge card shift so I’m not quite sure where to start but here goes.         Rotation will first and foremost get rid of a block of cards designed by a different team and had so many bugs to work through. There were deadly combos such as Poe/Maz and cards that were Balanced more times than I’ve had lunch this week (looking at you Unkar Plutt). There were cards that made absolutely no sense whatsoever. There were cards that just made you look at it and say “umm, what is this?”. Having said all this, let’s dig deeper into this rotation cycle. We’ll start with cards that we simply just bad for the game and are going to die a quick death next month. Then we will look at those cards that are actually getting a reprint and what this means for certain decks (RED VILLAIN). After this, it’s to let the past die. We will kill it Kylo Ren style by looking at some NEW standard cards that should see early in the Continue Reading

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Enfys Nest vs. Phasma – Convergence Style!

We knew a few weeks ago that Phasma was getting reprinted, and that she would have two FOST by her side. She has an awesome ability to resolve any TROOPER die showing Range as Melee. This can be nice if you have weapons attached like Kallus’ Bo Rifle but just pairing her with another FOST is BOOORRRIIINNNGGGG and makes it mono red. Little mitigation and just no fun. In to save the day is the Mandalorian Super Commando! He is a perfect 30 points with ePhasma, he’s Yellow, and wait…what is that character type on his card? Ah yes!!! He is a trooper as well! So those 1 range and 2 range sides along with the 1 melee side make this character combo match on all sides. NICE! Plus, in case you can’t math, this is technically a FIVE DICE VILLAIN start. I love the way this sounds already. The Commando is great for his Power Action, dealing damage to a character with the first weapon or equipment played on him each round. He’s a great support character for Phasma and if you can build him up alongside Phasma he can definitely finish games if needed. Phasma is a solid character in her own right. A 2 focus side can fix those crappy FOST dice for damage or resources, whichever one you need. Yoda is Yoda, and simply generates resources, gives you shields, and turns dice every turn. The muppet does no wrong. Enfys Nest was spoiled a few weeks Continue Reading


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