Let’s Talk About Rotation

                                           ROTATION:         What does it mean and how does it impact your gameplay?        The most dreaded or anticipated, depending on your outlook, word right now in Star Wars Destiny is ROTATION. This will be the first time any of us have had to go through such a huge card shift so I’m not quite sure where to start but here goes.         Rotation will first and foremost get rid of a block of cards designed by a different team and had so many bugs to work through. There were deadly combos such as Poe/Maz and cards that were Balanced more times than I’ve had lunch this week (looking at you Unkar Plutt). There were cards that made absolutely no sense whatsoever. There were cards that just made you look at it and say “umm, what is this?”. Having said all this, let’s dig deeper into this rotation cycle. We’ll start with cards that we simply just bad for the game and are going to die a quick death next month. Then we will look at those cards that are actually getting a reprint and what this means for certain decks (RED VILLAIN). After this, it’s to let the past die. We will kill it Kylo Ren style by looking at some NEW standard cards that should see early in the Continue Reading