Gungans are Nass-tay

Gungans are cool and hilarious, right? That’s what I thought as a kid when I first saw The Phantom Menace. Now? Not so much. I’m not going to go as far as saying Gungans – more specifically Jar Jar – ruin Star Wars, but they can make Episode I a little harder to re watch. All that being said, I’ve been running a trilogy Gungans deck the last few weeks in the Outer Rim’s Thursday Night Kessel Runs, and though I haven’t won much (yet), I think they will look stronger when we reach rotation. Maybe not Tier 1, but strong enough to greatly annoy people. Characters and Battlefield Let’s talk about how this deck wins. Indirect. Lots and lots of indirect. The deck I’ve been running has been eJarJar/Boss Nass/Gungan/Gungan for 28 health alongside Arena of Death. The first indirect piece is Boss Nass’ ability, which deals one indirect damage for each blank rolled when I active a Gungan character. By the math, that’s an average of 1.33 indirect damage each round just for activating all four characters. As the game progresses, characters will be defeated, allowing me to claim and deal one indirect for each defeated character I have. One of the wackiest forms of mitigation in this deck is Jar Jar. He can work both for me and against me. If I have yet to activate Jar Jar and I have lots of indirect on the field, my opponent can choose to activate him for their action, Continue Reading