The Bachelorette: Ahsoka

I’m currently in my living room right now thinking of some article to write. It’s 7:00 pm this Tuesday night, and it just so happens that The Bachelor is on TV so my wife is glued to the show about fake love and trying to find that one “perfect” pair among many. Well this got me thinking. Which character in Destiny is looking for that one right partner? Someone to compliment that character through thick and thin and someone who will help the other in case one falls. I looked through the current set of characters before Convergence and there are some possibilities for a Bachelorette: Star Wars Destiny version. Let’s take a look at some of the ones who were close but ultimately did not get the final rose of Destiny.   IDEN VERSIO Iden is someone who throughout her life in Destiny has been searching far and wide for a partner that can promote her style of play which is slow and fair. She wants to roll out and force you to take one action at a time while mitigating dice and cards from you methodically.  As a single character she is GREAT. Her 2 sides are worth the 12/15 cost and allows her to pair with plenty of options, just not anyone that blows you away. She did well in Regionals with Mother Talzin and Armored Reinforcement, but it didn’t perform at the level some (and by some I mean me) thought it could. Unless there are Continue Reading