Solidarity Tourney Report – Kit/Luke 2nd Place

Recently the Outer Rim hosted their first Solidarity tournament to help build excitement for the next set and maybe even a little rotation hype to play some of the cards that will not see play again until Infinite format is finalized. As the resident mill player in our local group I considered quite a few options involving mill before making a decision to pivot to Blue Hero. The event package and upgrades for this deck, along with a couple lesser used cards normally, make Blue Hero a strong competitor in specialty events such as Solidarity. I’ll go over the deck list I used in the tournament, then explain what cards I would change out and some that were MVP cards throughout the day. CHARACTERS Luke and Kit as a pair are perfect for Solidarity and each other because of how well they compliment each other without having many matching die sides. Both characters can and probably play better on the defensive whether it’s Luke taking shields for himself or Kit, or Kit using his melee dice to block incoming damage to himself. Don’t let that fool you though. They can each put out massive amounts of damage out of nowhere if you ramp up properly. In many of my swiss rounds I would take resources instead of trying for max damage turn one to build a better board state and overwhelm the opponent with dice early. UPGRADES The standard package of Blue Hero upgrades fit here, along with a few Continue Reading