Well well well. Look who decided to make an appearance finally. We have a date for release of the new Star Wars Destiny set: Convergence. March 28th. Initially here at the Outer Rim we thought it would be March 21st, given the announcement of Adepticon having to change their structure due to Convergence not being legal for standard construction. It would’ve fit in the 11 day window but nonetheless we were wrong and that’s ok. It’s an exciting time for Star Wars Destiny as we usher in a new era and the best R word in the dictionary currently: ROTATION! So what does all this mean these next few weeks? What do you do with your cards you’ve acquired over time? Do you sit idly by and just practice opening packs in preparation for release or do you have 3 decks already built in swdestinydb like I do? The Outer Rim would like to give you a few fun tips on what to do these next two weeks until release. Here’s 5 things to do before March 28th. FIND THE ONE FUN DECK YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO PLAY AND BUILD IT! This is even more true if it includes cards that are about to rotate out. Those of you who are originals to the game might want to polish off Jango/Veers for one last ride through town or play the original Rey to gain 35 additional actions one final time. Whatever deck you thought about building for fun and to Continue Reading