Aphra, Grievous, and the Children

Doctor Aphra has always been an interesting character in both the Star Wars Universe and the Star Wars Destiny game. Since her introduction via the Darth Vader comic series many fans have had a special place in their hearts for her, while others just ask “Who the heck is that”. I fell into the latter category when I first started playing SWD. She looked cool and she has this awesome ability with droids but what does that have to do with the movies? Well after taking the time to read the comics and diving deep into the lore she quickly climbed up the ranks in my list and I have a true appreciation for her and those kick butt droids that follow her around. We already have her two primary droids in play with 0-0-0 and BT-1. Aphra not only allows you to pay one less for the first droid each round but if you deal yourself indirect damage you get to draw a card. That is some serious awesomeness. Not to mention the less talked about feature that is her 2 shield die side. That screams, “ RESOLVE ME FOR INDIRECT” allowing you to draw more cards and deal indirect with 0-0-0. You know most of this stuff already but with the release of Convergence any day, week, month, year, century (My hope now is March. 28th but that’s just my opinion) comes General Grievous, the Droid Armies Commander. He’s not the over costed 13 health waste a good Continue Reading

Watto We Going To Do About Snoke?

First of all, I’d like to apologize for that terrible intro. My 1 month old son walked up to me while building his newest deck and asked me this question verbatim. He’s still trying to learn the game and all so bear with him. Ha. Fine. I made it up. Forgive me. Dad jokes have taken over my life now. Yet, even though as you roll your eyes at this past paragraph you know you are asking yourself this question: What are we going to do about Snoke? He’s already been nerfed once and he is still super powerful. He’s the support your girlfriend told you not to worry about but you do anyways. With Convergence being announced as having a March 28th release date we FINALLY are able to really start thinking about what decks to build and what will be strong initially in the meta. Who should Snoke be paired with to destroy other decks and climb back to the top of the meta ladder? How about a character whose character dice cannot be removed by opponent’s events? Not a bad start. What if this character could make you sick amounts of money to get those vehicles out early and often? Well, thanks to the guys over at Sons of Mandalore (@mandolorepod for you Twitter guys) we have our answer. To get this deck started, let’s talk about a new guy to the field: Watto. WATTO He’s a Stubborn Gambler. He’s a Scoundrel. He’s a Scavenger. He’s the Continue Reading

A Muppet, Gungan, and Duchess walk into a bar…

Ever since Across the Galaxy released in November we’ve been inundated with decks featuring Shadow Caster and how to maximize its potential. L3 and the Rebel Engineers gave it a whirl and were successful early in the meta. They may make a return come rotation but I still think there are better options out there. L3 and the Engineers only give us access to Red and Yellow which is strong for the Shadow Caster itself but for mitigation purposes we need to find a way to include Blue in the deck. Who better to give us a Blue character and generate resources than our favorite green Muppet Yoda. With him we need other characters to fill the red and yellow slots. The bigger decision between these two is who will be the Yellow character. We could go the easy route with L3 but with Convergence there is a new player on the scene that in my opinion is better than L3 in vehicles dice EXCEPT the AtG Millennium Falcon. Her ability and interaction with the Falcon cannot be overlooked. For any other deck, let’s welcome Satine Kryze to the world of Destiny. For red we will just use the classic meat shield Gungan Warrior. He’s useful for great mitigation cards and we will dive more into that shortly. Let’s start with an analysis of the characters in the deck along with the Plot, Armored Reinforcement. CHARACTERS Yoda, Satine, and Gungan equal out to 27 points which lets us use Armored Continue Reading