A few weeks ago as I began sorting out my Awakenings cards from my Legacies block I started to notice how much money I’ve spent on this game. I’m not upset about it at all because I love this game and love all the experiences it has provided me over the last year. It’s just looking at that massive amount of cards and just thinking to myself “Is there a way to play this game on a limited budget for someone who is a casual player?”. Weird thought, but with this lull in action my thoughts have been more focused on how to grow this amazing game. Convergence is now only one week away, and with that I wanted to go over some options on how a local group or even a new player can get some decks built on a budget to draw in more players and cater to those who simply walk in on local night. Here are a few ways to make this happen: STARTER SETS It’s built into the name. These starter sets come with two characters and around 20 cards each to get you going in your new game of Destiny. At around 15 dollars each they can give you an array of cards to play and help your deck in those fun casual games. One single deck, however, is not legal for a tournament of any sort so if you go this route you will need to buy 2 starter sets, which now run Continue Reading