Destiny players, it is finally time for CONVERGENCE and ROTATION! Here at the Outer Rim we hope you are able to open as many packs as your heart desires today and get those awesome pulls. We also want to take this split second to thank all of you for allowing us to be a small part of this great community. We enjoy bringing you fun content and will continue to work hard to provide solid content going into Convergence.   If you feel the need to watch others open packs and have a good time come check us out on our stream over at It should be a good time and we hope to get fully cracking around 6:30 and end around 10 pm Central time. We will have a mic on hand to answer any questions you may have. Personally I’ll be looking for those final cards to finish my Captain Phasma/Mando Commando deck. Let us know on our social media what decks you are hoping to finish tomorrow and start playing. May the Force be with you Destiny Players.   WRITTEN BY: The Outer Rim Smugglers