The 2019 Outer Rim Convergence Draft sponsored by Watto’s Shop What an exciting time for Destiny. NEW CARDS! What better way to celebrate new cards and get to learn more about them than a fun draft! Our local group went to Card Addicts here in Birmingham, paid our entry fees, and were bound and determined to get those solid pulls. 60 packs were opened amongst 10 players. There were many quite a few solid pulls, including a few legendary characters such as Phasma and Chewbacca. Yes, Crime Lord was pulled. It was sacrificed to the Draft Gods for good favor in the games to come. We finished opening packs in our two groups and off we were to play out our games and declare a winner. The lists you will see below are the Top 4 decks from the Tournament with decklists. Hopefully this will give you some good ideas for what cards are solid in a draft format, and therefore let you know what cards to stay away from in a draft. HINT: High cost legendary characters. Their points cost too much and limit you. WITH THE FIRST PICK IN THE CONVERGENCE DRAFT, THE OUTER RIM PICKS…. ANAKIN SKYWALKER, WAT TAMBOR, AND DENGAR (Piloted by Outer Rim Lanza) What a pairing. At first glance this deck meets all the criteria for a solid draft deck: Rainbow colored, a strong aggro character (Anakin), a secondary character to help boost damage (Dengar), and a great support character to help you make Continue Reading