Sly/Palpatine…Matchmakers Edition

INTRODUCTION Well the spoils continue to drop sort of like a leaky faucet. Today we got to see the unconfirmed, until now, Blue Villain Sly Moore. She is NOT a Sith according to FFG, but what do they know. Her title is Aide to the Emperor, so her initial choice for a partner obviously is Vader…I kid. It’s new Palpatine. The even 30 points means FFG is continuing with the thematic pairings of characters that can also work with others if needed. See Han/Qi’Ra for an example. This is exciting for multiple reasons. One, it is good for the casual community because they can plan games based around pairings that work within the Star Wars Universe. I’m sorry, but Snoke/Tarkin never got to hang out. It will be fun to see what future pairings we will see going forward. Two, thematic pairings that actually work means they can be competitive in a Meta. It may not win a GQ soon, but it can finish in the top half and sneak out a few wins with the right card pairings. Will this deck work? Let’s just throw a deck together and talk through it before testing it out later. (We will update this article with thoughts after getting our hands on the proxies.)   CHARACTER PAIRING Palpatine was spoiled a while ago via Team Covenant, along with his cool ability to play an ability and gain one health for each one played. He has multiple 2 damage sides and a 2 Continue Reading