When Convergence first released, the first deck I planned on building was going to include Enfys is some way, shape, or form. I absolutely loved her power action, especially when paired with other scoundrel cards that would be releasing in Convergence and Allies of Necessity. But, as I opened packs and began formulating what I wanted in my first Convergence Standard deck, I became very intrigued by Kes Dameron. But, more importantly, who he could best be paired with in the new standard.   Kes Dameron – Coming Out Of His Cage, Doin’ Just Fine   I’ll start out with Kes’ dice sides. Kes has a 2-range, 3-range for a resource, 1-focus, 2-focus, 1-Resource, and a blank. Overall, pretty decent sides if you ask me. He has some solid damage sides, and also has focus sides which are always a big plus in this game. However, if he were only a character with those dice sides, there could be better options for a 13/16 point character. What truly sets him apart is his action. Kes’ action is simple in nature, but can be very powerful in its use. Simply stated, his action allows you to resolve any of your trooper dice in the order of your choice. This ability, as I found out, is extremely helpful in getting damage out quickly. By using his action, you are able to both resolve his focus dice on other trooper dice to sides showing damage, and then resolve them without giving your opponent Continue Reading