In today’s article we have special guest writer Trey Dismukes from Kingwood Hobbies in Houston talking some more Trooper action. Trey provides a great service for the community, including the “Build a Deck” feature that is very popular. Make sure to check out his site at the bottom of this article. Enjoy! – Matt Rice   I like to start my decks with the seed of an idea. Some spark that gives my imagination a chance to run wild. Often, for my own decks, this comes from a single interaction that catches my fancy. Whether it’s an interesting card that I feel isn’t getting enough love, or even a single interaction between cards that I feel could act as a force multiplier on a game state. Whatever it is, I start with that and work outward. Finding cards and themes that push whatever interesting thing I’m trying to feature in this deck. Often, I cheat at this and work with decks where other people have the seed idea. They come up with something they like, and I take it and run to build a streamline, efficient deck. I’ve had several ideas for Convergence ranging from wildly complex to downright simple. The first deck I want work with is one we will start simple on. A straightforward, mono Red Hero Trooper deck. I’ve had a soft spot for this deck ever since I laid eyes on Rex in Legacies. There have been quite a few cards that do very powerful things Continue Reading