I NEED MORE ROUT! Convergence has been out for right at 3 weeks now and most in the community have opened boxes in hopes of getting those sweet new cards. Some were looking for Captain Phasma, while others searched high and low for Emperor Palpatine. Now that the community has had a few weeks to swap cards and buy those they didn’t get there’s been a strange disturbance in the Star Wars Destiny Uncommon Force. No one seems to have Routs available for sale or trade! When I opened my packs on release day my goal was to get 2 playsets of everything except Legendary items and get 1 full playset of those. For the most part I was successful but a few cards did manage to slip through my fingers. I only ended up with 2 Hampered, 2 Riot Shields, 2 Forsakens, and 3 of a few others. I managed to find 2 Riots as well, but as I started trying to make trades and looking online for those missing cards I noticed most online stores that sell Destiny products were out of this card. As of this article, the ONLY store I could find that had any available was Kingwood Hobbies out of the Houston area. I tried as many other websites that I know sell product on a consistent basis and no one had any for sale. Kingwood’s site stated they had “a few left” and were 7.99 each. YIKES! That’s in the range of an Easy Continue Reading