Uh, no it isn’t. With more Galactic Qualifiers fast approaching and no real concrete Convergence meta established, everyone is losing their freaking minds on Force Storm and the chaos it will inflict on the not so prepared. Having played an optimized version of this deck over the last two weeks, I have all the help you may need. Wat Tambor is your problem. Not the Force Storm, and certainly not any other build using Watto. The problem is that 2/3rds of his die sides benefit your Palp player and can build the ramp needed with the resources and then chain into unholy bullshittery (I’m gonna patent that one) with either focus side. He also introduces you to the much-needed red for your blowout removal with Rout and Best Defense, but the real problem is a well-timed Probe that will eat up your hand before the Storm even hits the table. If you give your opponent just one 2 focus on the table from Wat before Palp rolls out and you are ripped of mitigation, here is what your round will look like: Wat 2 Focus into Storm special and Palp 2 Focus – 1 Damage Palp 2 Focus into Storm special and Palp 2 Focus – 2 Damage Palp 2 Focus into Storm special and Mastery 2 Focus – 3 Damage Resolve Storm special – 4 damage Total 10 damage from Force Storm and that is before they Power Action it back out and that is if they don’t hit Continue Reading