Dear Jeremy: Ban Snoke.

Signed,  Outer Rim Lanza xoxo Quit putting a band aid on a problem and just ban the most oppressive, broken character in the brief history of Star Wars Destiny. No single character continues to dominate meta and major championships more that an elite Snoke, whether at 13 or 14 points and then continues to dominate the competitive arena (see Denver GQ standard results or I’ll save you the time: Snoke won both). “Should have made him a 15 elite” “Should make the Power Action on damage sides only” “Make the Power Action two damage” None of these solves the issue with Snoke. Not only does he make the meta boring, but he also makes deck building lazy and we have two more expansions before he rotates out. So, unless FFG wants to stop creating 7, 8 and 9 point yellow and red characters with resource sides, just rip the band aid off and join the rest of the responsible CCG community and start your own ban list and start it off with this jack ass. Snoke Timeline in the eyes of FFG and the Community Community: Snoke is a 13-point elite? Let’s find 17 points out of a red and yellow that has resource sides and make a shit ton of money and play a bunch of supports that are not attached to characters and can’t be removed easily. Sounds awesome, but there can’t be that many options? Snoke/Aphra/Battle Droid (Hyperloops SAD) Snoke/Ciena/Sebulba (Crotch Rocket) Snoke/Bazine/FOST (5 freaking dies, credit Continue Reading

Yoda Stormin’ Into Town

Star Wars is inherently about the conflict of Good versus Evil. Since the very beginning each storyline has been laid out as the struggle for righteousness by Our Heroes against the Oppressive Evil. Rebels versus the Empire, X-Wings versus TIE Fighters, Kylo versus Rey. Destiny continues this dichotomy, carefully locking us into the good versus evil battle by making us pick a side. Making us choose whether we want to use the few cooler toys on the good side of the fence or give into ourselves and relish the power that is the Dark Side of the Force. Every once in a while, though, we get to bridge the two. We get to mix and match to see some truly spectacular Star Wars shenanigans they would never show us on screen. The most obvious of these situations is, of course, limited play. In draft or sealed mechanical limitations of the game force Disney to sanction playing good guys and bad guys on the same team. Who could forget the first time you placed Maul’s Saber into the hands of Jar Jar or ran a TIE Fighter and an X-Wing on the same team? The downside to that, however, is that we don’t get to choose the cards we play with. We are at the mercy of RNJesus to decide what good and evil pairings come out of the packs we bust. If we want to carefully craft a mixture of good and evil cards, we’re generally out of luck. About Continue Reading