Infinite Possibilities – Back and Stronger Than Ever

That alt art looks pretty sweet right? Yeah we thought so too. Thanks to Parker Simpson for making a great Mace Windu with a throwback to the OG Clone Wars series! If you’re interested in how to get your hands on some of our cool alt arts check out the bottom of the article for information on how to join our social media outlets!   When Mace Windu, Jedi Champion, came onto the scene with Empire at War we had never had a character with a 4 damage side. It was unheard of and showed how powerful Mace really was in the Star Wars Universe. Guy did beat Palpatine until Anakin came in. Plus anyone who wants “BAMF” on the bottom of their lightsaber is not someone you want to see in a fight. His point cost though definitely limited his pairings and virtually guaranteed he would not get an elite partner. So the community needed to find someone with one decent die and some bonus abilities to compliment Mace. Enter Maz Kanata. Her one die cost at 8 fit perfectly with Mace and her ability after activation (as I’m writing this all I hear in my head is ORS-Lanza saying “Maz’s Ability” every time he would roll her in and how I wanted to flip the table) meant she could resolve damage on Mace or take money without the fear of an opponent mitigating die. She was yellow which allowed for blue and yellow mitigation to combine into a Continue Reading

Infinite Possibilities – Top Gun

Hello fellow Smugglers, ORS-Dash-Rendar here with another edition of Infinite Possibilities. Today we will be visiting the past once again with an infamous character and try to bring that card into the future. The pairing I chose for this article is none other than Poe Dameron – Ace Pilot and Satine Kryze – Hope of Mandalore. The Poe decks of old had help from Maz Kanata to action cheat into his special. While Satine can’t action cheat on her own she does have a lot of offer that Maz wasn’t as proficient in achieving. First of all she is much better at making money and her activated ability is very good for her point cost. Secondly she is much less squishy at 9 health and lastly her two indirect side is often going to go untouched by your opponent so that little extra damage is welcomed. UPGRADES This deck still runs Cunning, but with it being a Yellow Character only it can only go on Satine. Moxie, however, can go on either character and offers more ways to get the beautiful Poe special going. Cunning will be able to also use the special from both the Thermal Detonator and the V-1 Thermal Detonator for bonus damage. No blasters or lightsabers needed in this deck. We want specials that can hit early and often. SUPPORTS We are running the Awakenings Millennium Falcon because it has a 4 ranged for no resource cost and also has a 3 discard side that is Continue Reading

Infinite Possibilities – Sith Lord Edition

An Infinite deck strategy formulated by our very own Thomas Brown, aka ORS-Dash-Rendar. He is mixing it up with Convergence and trying a different mill strategy where cards are taken from hand and with heavy control on opponent’s dice. Enjoy! This is a hand control deck that looks to mulligan for Count Dooku’s Lightsaber or Lightsaber Pull in your opening hand to leave your opponent with a 2 card starting hand. I prefer Darth Vader – Sith Lord over Thrawn – Master Strategist due to Vader already having great damage sides on his dice and his synergy with Close Quarters Assault. While Thrawn is a great choice and does give you hand knowledge, if he misses his call then your opponent still has 5 cards in hand. Vader instantly forces a discard with his activation. This paired with Count Dooku’s Power Action means every round there will be 2 cards removed from the opponent’s hand. Over time this will force more critical choices on their part as to either discard key upgrades or supports or quality mitigation from hand, leaving Vader to do what he has done since the game started. But how would a deck like this run overall? Let’s go through and talk key cards from each area of the deck starting with the Event package.                                 VS  EVENTS SUITE With the format being infinite you have a plethora of great mitigation options from Continue Reading

RIP Chewie

Peter Mayhew’s life ended last week, but the mark he left on this world will remain for a very long time. Both as our beloved Chewbacca and himself, Peter was a positive impact on everyone around him. While I never met the man personally, as a person of height I always admired him from afar. Living in you people’s stumpy world takes a lot of bending and contorting, and Peter pulled it off with grace and aplomb. It’s with Peter in mind that I give to you not one, but two decks centered around our great, shaggy hero, Chewbacca. The first deck is built around Peter’s Chewbacca. A character from Spirit of Rebellion, the original Chewbacca never found much of a home. In a world of blisteringly fast Poe specials and infinite weapon overwrites, the Loyal Friend never found a place at the competitive tables. It was only the kitchen table where his loyal devotees sleeved up their beloved walking carpet to chuck some dice and slay some baddies. This deck probably won’t take down many Infinite tournaments either, but if you’re looking to do some damage with our dearly departed Chewie, you might have a good time with this one. Chewbacca has a couple of unique and interesting bits to build around. First, his health. At the time, 12 health was shockingly high life total, only rivaled by OG Vader and Palpatine themselves. Even now, 12 health gives you the time to setup positions that less tough characters simply Continue Reading

No Bans. Let’s Go Defeat Snoke.

With the recent GQ results and Jackal Hunt coming in showing how well this deck can perform, I wanted to look at some ways to counter Snoke, and specifically Snoke/Watto/FOST. In our article yesterday ORS Lanza stated how he wanted Snoke banned from the game to deal with his constant place at the top of competitive results. I can’t say I agree with him about a ban but he does bring up good points concerning Snoke and his Power Action and point cost. I’m more in the camp of leave Snoke alone and look at the characters and supports surrounding him. However, there are others who to take his Power Action and make it “Deal 1 damage to a character to increase that character die by 1, or deal 2 damage to increase it by 2.” We have seen dealing a character 1 damage just doesn’t deter anyone from using the Power Action. I don’t know that a 1 point bump again will help as people will still find ways to ask “Is this second character Snokeable?” Snoke last Regional season was a winner of 15 regionals out of the 76 total, coming in with a win percentage of just under 20 percent at 19.7. That ranks third behind the Terror to Behold and Yoda.  2018-2019 Regional Championship Results  I have attached the link from last regional season so you can see the many pairings Snoke won with during the season, and a big thank you to i Rebel for putting Continue Reading