No Bans. Let’s Go Defeat Snoke.

With the recent GQ results and Jackal Hunt coming in showing how well this deck can perform, I wanted to look at some ways to counter Snoke, and specifically Snoke/Watto/FOST. In our article yesterday ORS Lanza stated how he wanted Snoke banned from the game to deal with his constant place at the top of competitive results. I can’t say I agree with him about a ban but he does bring up good points concerning Snoke and his Power Action and point cost. I’m more in the camp of leave Snoke alone and look at the characters and supports surrounding him. However, there are others who to take his Power Action and make it “Deal 1 damage to a character to increase that character die by 1, or deal 2 damage to increase it by 2.” We have seen dealing a character 1 damage just doesn’t deter anyone from using the Power Action. I don’t know that a 1 point bump again will help as people will still find ways to ask “Is this second character Snokeable?” Snoke last Regional season was a winner of 15 regionals out of the 76 total, coming in with a win percentage of just under 20 percent at 19.7. That ranks third behind the Terror to Behold and Yoda.  2018-2019 Regional Championship Results  I have attached the link from last regional season so you can see the many pairings Snoke won with during the season, and a big thank you to i Rebel for putting Continue Reading