RIP Chewie

Peter Mayhew’s life ended last week, but the mark he left on this world will remain for a very long time. Both as our beloved Chewbacca and himself, Peter was a positive impact on everyone around him. While I never met the man personally, as a person of height I always admired him from afar. Living in you people’s stumpy world takes a lot of bending and contorting, and Peter pulled it off with grace and aplomb. It’s with Peter in mind that I give to you not one, but two decks centered around our great, shaggy hero, Chewbacca. The first deck is built around Peter’s Chewbacca. A character from Spirit of Rebellion, the original Chewbacca never found much of a home. In a world of blisteringly fast Poe specials and infinite weapon overwrites, the Loyal Friend never found a place at the competitive tables. It was only the kitchen table where his loyal devotees sleeved up their beloved walking carpet to chuck some dice and slay some baddies. This deck probably won’t take down many Infinite tournaments either, but if you’re looking to do some damage with our dearly departed Chewie, you might have a good time with this one. Chewbacca has a couple of unique and interesting bits to build around. First, his health. At the time, 12 health was shockingly high life total, only rivaled by OG Vader and Palpatine themselves. Even now, 12 health gives you the time to setup positions that less tough characters simply Continue Reading