Infinite Possibilities – Sith Lord Edition

An Infinite deck strategy formulated by our very own Thomas Brown, aka ORS-Dash-Rendar. He is mixing it up with Convergence and trying a different mill strategy where cards are taken from hand and with heavy control on opponent’s dice. Enjoy! This is a hand control deck that looks to mulligan for Count Dooku’s Lightsaber or Lightsaber Pull in your opening hand to leave your opponent with a 2 card starting hand. I prefer Darth Vader – Sith Lord over Thrawn – Master Strategist due to Vader already having great damage sides on his dice and his synergy with Close Quarters Assault. While Thrawn is a great choice and does give you hand knowledge, if he misses his call then your opponent still has 5 cards in hand. Vader instantly forces a discard with his activation. This paired with Count Dooku’s Power Action means every round there will be 2 cards removed from the opponent’s hand. Over time this will force more critical choices on their part as to either discard key upgrades or supports or quality mitigation from hand, leaving Vader to do what he has done since the game started. But how would a deck like this run overall? Let’s go through and talk key cards from each area of the deck starting with the Event package.                                 VS  EVENTS SUITE With the format being infinite you have a plethora of great mitigation options from Continue Reading