Enfys Nest vs. Phasma – Convergence Style!

We knew a few weeks ago that Phasma was getting reprinted, and that she would have two FOST by her side. She has an awesome ability to resolve any TROOPER die showing Range as Melee. This can be nice if you have weapons attached like Kallus’ Bo Rifle but just pairing her with another FOST is BOOORRRIIINNNGGGG and makes it mono red. Little mitigation and just no fun. In to save the day is the Mandalorian Super Commando! He is a perfect 30 points with ePhasma, he’s Yellow, and wait…what is that character type on his card? Ah yes!!! He is a trooper as well! So those 1 range and 2 range sides along with the 1 melee side make this character combo match on all sides. NICE! Plus, in case you can’t math, this is technically a FIVE DICE VILLAIN start. I love the way this sounds already.

The Commando is great for his Power Action, dealing damage to a character with the first weapon or equipment played on him each round. He’s a great support character for Phasma and if you can build him up alongside Phasma he can definitely finish games if needed.

Phasma is a solid character in her own right. A 2 focus side can fix those crappy FOST dice for damage or resources, whichever one you need.

Yoda is Yoda, and simply generates resources, gives you shields, and turns dice every turn. The muppet does no wrong.

Enfys Nest was spoiled a few weeks ago and her ability to have 2 villain and 2 hero cards in her deck make the Yoda/Enfys deck SCREAM….well you already know. Vader’s Fist. Blah Blah.

So we pitted the two against each other to see who would win. The game was slow and methodical but you do see a full board state for Phasma/Commando and a Vader’s Fist by Yoda/Enfys.

Who won? You just have to watch to see. Make sure to like/subscribe for more great Destiny content!