Luke/Yoda Saves the Day!

Last night I hopped on TTS to try out some of the AWESOME new spoilers we have received lately from all the great content creators in the community. A HUGE thank you to each and everyone of you for making these kind of things happen. Especially Jackalmen Games for taking the time to make proxies so we can get our hands in the mud and see what cards are good and what are not.

The original point of this article was to talk about the changes I made to my Phasma/Commando deck with the recent set of spoilers announced, including the MegaTroopers and Quicksilver Baton. Well, after playing against Luke/Yoda with all that Soresu trash or whatever I feel the need to talk about that deck and the chance it has to be strong going into the early Convergence meta! So, without further wait, here we go.

I'll admit. When Stephen plopped this deck out on TTS I thought there was no way it could throw out enough damage and shield up at the same time. I knew he would be running Soresu Training and Mastery as we had talked about how many of each to add to the deck. He originally wanted to add one Training and two Mastery. I convinced him to swap and run two Training and one Mastery, as you can play Mastery from your hand or even discard pile if you can't pay for it initially. In reality you probably want to run two of each but I would stick with one for now as you can only have one "form" per character. The special on Mastery to REMOVE a die showing damage AND give attached character two shields is at least a 3 if not closer to 4/5 point swing in your favor. Plus Yoda almost guarantees it at anytime with special chaining. Expect to see this card used early and often in Blue Hero. I for one like the idea of it. It makes Blue Hero play passively and not just get in a lightsaber fight with a Sith. It's about controlling the battle and slowly wearing down your opponent.

The deck itself was different than many decks in that he plays a multitude of abilities to abuse the Power Action on Luke to move it to Yoda when needed. He did this with Force Pull and Counterstroke in two separate rounds. Well played. Someone who fully understands a Luke Power Action is a solid player in my book. The only true weapon upgrade I saw was Mace Windu's Lightsaber, but I'm sure he was running more such as Obi-Wan's Lightsaber and others. He didn't need them though. The deck performs well if the board state is in a good spot after Round 2. The first round and a half is hold on and hope Yoda or Luke don't croak early. They both are old and one...well now both...are already dead. So there's that.

The events package is pretty strong with some of the new cards added. Attunement allows you to do up to 3 things at once for one resource. If you can, 1)spot a die showing melee, deal 1 damage to a character, 2)spot a die showing a shield to give a shield to a character, 3) spot a die showing a blank to turn a die to a blank. This exact thing happened one time with a Luke activation. I'm looking at Counterstroke with a 1 melee, Luke on a blank, and Soresu Mastery on 2 shields. I'm thinking this isn't that bad. I roll out Phasma and hit two 2 range sides and have a chance to deal serious damage to Luke. Then this card drops. Welp. There it went. Just like a dream. Great play. He played two cards underneath the new plot, Lightsaber Mastery, which allows you to place two MOVE cards underneath. You can exhaust the plot and play a card from it paying its cost. For the two cards he decided to use Deflecting Slash and Fatal Blow. Deflecting Slash allows you to activate a character and then remove a die showing ranged or indirect damage. Not great in a blue hero mirror but against Phasma/Commando....pretty good. He used Fatal Blow to finish the game and wrap up the victory.

One small side note: He plays two steadfast in the deck. It's an interesting call. Personally, I probably would only have one if any at all. You're not playing Bitter Rivalry so you more than likely won't be moving two damage at any point. For a sneaky kill or to force an opponent to use two dice to kill your character instead of one, I'm ok with that.

When you're across the table from this deck it is, in a different sense, looking across from a Snoke/Tarkin deck. In Snarkin, you're looking for two dice that match and trying to remove them. The problem is do you remove blanks or specials?! A similar thought applies here where you decide to mitigate all the shield sides of Luke or try and take out Yoda's special chaining. Unless you run full control it will be hard to handle and Luke can simply Power Action something over if he wants to at any time.

As someone who hates shields I hate playing against a deck like this. However, for the first time in my Destiny experience, I feel like the blue hero deck acts like a true Jedi would in the Star Wars Universe. That is something I can definitely get behind and support. I look forward to giving this deck a try once the set releases hopefully in March. If you like the way this deck looks check out the decklist below the video. There needs to be a Deflecting Slash and Fatal Blow added to the deck under Lightsaber Mastery.

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Written By:

Matt Rice