A Muppet, Gungan, and Duchess walk into a bar…

Ever since Across the Galaxy released in November we’ve been inundated with decks featuring Shadow Caster and how to maximize its potential. L3 and the Rebel Engineers gave it a whirl and were successful early in the meta. They may make a return come rotation but I still think there are better options out there. L3 and the Engineers only give us access to Red and Yellow which is strong for the Shadow Caster itself but for mitigation purposes we need to find a way to include Blue in the deck. Who better to give us a Blue character and generate resources than our favorite green Muppet Yoda. With him we need other characters to fill the red and yellow slots. The bigger decision between these two is who will be the Yellow character. We could go the easy route with L3 but with Convergence there is a new player on the scene that in my opinion is better than L3 in vehicles dice EXCEPT the AtG Millennium Falcon. Her ability and interaction with the Falcon cannot be overlooked. For any other deck, let’s welcome Satine Kryze to the world of Destiny. For red we will just use the classic meat shield Gungan Warrior. He’s useful for great mitigation cards and we will dive more into that shortly. Let’s start with an analysis of the characters in the deck along with the Plot, Armored Reinforcement.


Yoda, Satine, and Gungan equal out to 27 points which lets us use Armored Reinforcement to pull the Shadow Caster out Turn 1. The longer we must wait to get the Caster on the board the harder it will be for us to establish a strong board state early.

Yoda is the main character in this list. He generates the resources, gives you shields when necessary, and can turn dice in the blink of an eye. Combine his special chaining with the N-1 Starfighter special and next thing you know you have reset the Caster for free. He’s so good of a character. He can’t put damage out himself but he will facilitate the rest of your deck to deal massive damage.

The Gungan Warrior is your meat shield and guy for Respite/Into the Garbage Chute/Caution(for Infinite format). Not much else to say about this guy. Just here for the party.

Satine Kryze is an 8/10 character with 9 health. She has one 2 indirect side, two focus sides, and 2 resource sides. Her ability is once you activate her you can reroll one of your own dice. That’s pretty cool. Ol’ Han had this ability but he could reroll any die. Satine can be a secondary money maker for you in the early rounds and turn into a focus machine late game if she is still alive. If you run her as an elite character (not this deck) her 2 dice with 2 indirect damage can add up really quick. She didn’t seem very interesting when she was spoiled but the more I look at her the more I get excited to pair her with some quality aggro partners. Yes. Obi-Wan is on the list. Duh. They loved each other. They’re in the same starter set. Just a perfect match.


All the upgrades in this deck focus on getting mods on the Shadow Caster to decrease those resource costs. There are 2 Dorsal Turret, 2 Triple Laser Turret, 2 R2 Astromech, and 1 Targeting Astromech. The R2 Astromech being a 0 cost allows you to get this on the field whenever you want without worrying about paying a resource. If your weapon mods are at the bottom half of your deck and you can play two of these go for it to decrease that resource cost. The 6 range is awesome to resolve, but not when you have to pay 3 for it. I’m going to say this about the Dorsal Turret. Once you play it, roll that dice out and whatever side it lands on RESOLVE it if you can. I know some people will want to maximize the damage and try to reroll before activating the attached vehicle but even if it hits that awful Discard side just use it. It’s one less card in your opponent’s hand and gets it back to the card sooner for a vehicle activation. The sneaky good upgrade in this deck is the Targeting Astromech. Paying 1 to turn the attached vehicle die to the side of your choice is super good. Add in that beautiful TLT and boom. Guaranteed 6 damage against an opponent. Overall this upgrade package is typical for a vehicle deck but that should tell you something. These mods are a huge hit and work. Use them.


The deck has the 1 Shadow Caster, 2 N-1 Starfighters, 1 BB-8, and 2 Suppressive Fire. The N-1 Starfighters have been a solid card since release but it has only been recently that people realized the full potential of this card. The special on this lets you discard an EXHAUSED vehicle from play (it cannot be a copy of the N-1) or ready an exhausted vehicle. The ready part will go well with the Shadow Caster but the destroying of an opponent’s vehicle can be clutch. You can a Han/Biggs sitting across from you? Get the N-1 handy to blow that ship out of the water. Mauler running around with his Black Two? Blow it up before he gets your Shadow Caster.

These next 2 supports I’m a little iffy on personally, but we are going to explain why they are currently in the deck. Poor BB-8. He’s a legendary but how many of you pulled him in a pack and ran to the bathroom crying? The card wants to be paired with Black One and Poe but he’s just not a solid character in the current meta. So alas we attempt to put him in other decks. He does have three 1 focus sides but to help get your dice where they want to be but it’s just so underwhelming. When I looked for two to complete my playset I found someone willing to take a fair amount on them at the time. I still got ripped off. I do hope it finds a place in the meta at some point but I won’t put any money on that happening.

Suppressive Fire is good mitigation against 1 character die. If you don’t like what a character rolls out then get rid of the best dice and let them suffer the consequences. This gets around Vader’s Power Action also since technically this happens during the opponent’s turn. I like the card overall but I’m not sold on its true effectiveness in the new meta. I would rather have mitigation that I can use at any point in the round with the amount of focus that will be prevalent.


The two new cards from Convergence in this deck are Instigate and We’re Home. Instigate is a 1 cost Yellow Hero event with ambush. You can activate a character or a support. It’s the new Hit and Run and I love it. Hit and Run being a 0 cost was under cost. It should’ve been a 1 cost the whole time in my opinion. Nevertheless this is fixed with Instigate. Expect this card to also be a Han/Biggs specialty card. We’re Home allows you to activate a Yellow vehicle and up to 2 Scoundrels. If one of those roll a resource you can remove it to ready the vehicle. Satine is not a Scoundrel but instead a leader so I would expect this card to be taken out and replaced with something to help speed up the actions.

For your removal package there is 1 Beguile, 2 Easy Pickings, 1 Entangle, 2 Into the Garbage Chute, 2 Outgun and 2 Pacify. Into the Garbage Chute is such a great Legacies card and the Gungan Warrior will be the great recipient of this card. Outgun works great in a deck like this compared to something like Aerial Advantage. You do not need to control the battlefield for this to work. You will in most cases have the 3 resources to maximize the ability on the card and remove 3 opponent’s dice.

The final two events are Respite and Vandalize. Respite is one of those solid early game cards but just loses its flavor as the game progresses. Getting this and a Into the Garbage Chute together can hurt because you will more than likely be forced to choose between the two. I guarantee you will pic Garbage Chute every time. Vandalize is going to be an auto include early in the meta with the amount of supports decks will have. I’m building a Phasma/Commando deck for Convergence opening weekend and there are quite a few supports in it. I could honestly see this being a two of card and take one Respite out. You might even see its value go up because of the popularity. Get them while you can for dirt cheap!


For the opening hand I’m looking for a R2 Astromech, a Respite, 1 Dorsal Turret, 1 Pacify and maybe one N-1 Starfighter. I want the mods to put on the Shadow Caster if I can get it. Respite will give us the 3rd resource to get Shadow Caster out so let that Gungan sit on the sidelines Turn 1. Pacify is just a 0 cost mitigation. We can give the opponent 2 shields early because that Shadow Caster is going to blow them away afterwards.


This deck sports a 25 health pool. A little low for a 3 wide deck but it does offer you rainbow colors. 4 dice starts are almost mandatory in Destiny right now and this fits that bill. We know what the vehicles in this deck can do and they will be your damage source. The deck will win or lose depending on your ability to draw mods early and often for the Shadow Caster. If you’re paying 2 to deal 6 in Round 3 you’re probably in some deep doo doo. Dig for mods. Let the focus sides do their work. You will do well.

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Matt Rice