About Us

The Senior Council

Ugh. These guys. We are nothing more than the guys who run the social media pages and make sure to coordinate tournaments and game nights to the group. We may be obsessed with this game and either sold our souls to the wrong people or just weird. Either way we work to make our local gaming group a great place to play.


Matthew Rice

Senior Council CEO

I type out all this stuff and get salty while playing Destiny. Those YouTube videos? Yeah..that's me. Yuck.

Top 2 - 2018 Card Addicts Store Championship


Stephen Lanza

Outer Rim Elder

He's Outer Rim Lanza. If you have a spotgloss to sell he'll buy it. He's the Grand Moff and the man with the plan.

Top 2 - 2019 Louisville Regional


Jeff Skipper

Outer Rim Elder

Need help building a Blue Hero deck? Jeff's your man. Blue villain? This isn't the droid you're looking for.

Top 4 - 2018 Card Addicts Store Championship


Todd Skipper

Outer Rim Elder

He makes his own decks and can't type in swdestinydb.com without cringing. But he's good at it so there you go!

Top 2 - 2018 The Deep Store Championship


Joseph Rowe

Outer Rim Elder

Joseph is one of the original Destiny players in the Birmingham area. He basically got the rest of us to play so he could play Unyielding in every deck. Ugh.

Top 4 - 2019 Birmingham Regional

The Senate Chamber

These are the guys that make playing Destiny so much flipping fun. They work hard to build either incredibly jank decks or strong competitive decks for Prime/Regionals. You will see them often on one of our TNKR videos and have plenty of top finishes among them.


Kenny Guion

Senator from Umbara

I enjoy making weird decks that usually don’t work competitively. Maybe one day I’ll strike gold on a new top-tier deck...


Michael Scichowski

Senator from Kashyyyk

A new player to the group, Michael is well known for his AMAZING intro videos for our YouTube channel.


Alec Bidner

Senator from Coruscant

Alec had a Top 4 finish in the 2018 Store Championship at Card Addicts. He shows up in the big events and can compete with anyone.


Charlie Taylor

Senator from Dagobah

Charlie is mild mannered, but no joke when it comes to this game. Took the Huntsville Store Championship in 2018.


Ryan Riley

Senator from Takodana

Ryan is the nicest guy you'll find, until he opens up Vader/Bazine. He piloted that to 2nd place in the 2019 Birmingham Regional in January.


Mike Kotar

Senator from Naboo

Mike is from Huntsville and a great ambassador for the game in that area. He has multiple Top 4's between 2017 and 2018 across Alabama. Plus he knows how to properly use Hera's special ability!


Vu Nguyen

Senator from Tatooine

Vu is the resident mill player. Watch your deck. One minute you have 20 cards, the next you have 5. He's good. Top 16 at Birmingham Regional.


Melvin Hendrix - ODS

Senator from Mustafar

Melvin loves to play the villain. He did so to a 2nd place finish at the 2018 Atlanta Regional to kick off the season. Don't stand in his way. He may throw a table at you if you don't watch out!


Thomas Brown

Senator from Jakku

Another mill player who brings a sneaky ability to destroy your hand and deck without you seeing it. When you're across from him he's so calm but behind those eyes he plots your destruction!


Mike Bragg

Senator from Scariff

Mike doesn't always get to play, but when he does, he drinks Dos Equ...I mean he brings a great deck. This guy is smart and can play Thrawn as good as anyone in our group.


These are our younger players who are fun to play against and always think outside the box. As you can tell, they are young but have TOP Cut finishes under their belts. They strive to one day be members of the Senate Chamber and possibly the Senior Council!


Cooper Rowe


Cooper is young, but he already has a few Top 4 finish Store Championships under his belt in 2017 and 2018. I think he looks at destinydb more than his dad does, but man does he know how to pilot a deck.


Ryan Lanza


Ryan likes his decks to hit quick and get out of town. So it makes sense he likes decks such as HQ and Boba/Phasma are his specialty. He placed 6th at the 2018 Nashville Store Championship.


Isabella Lanza


Isabella and Blue Hero go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. She is laid back but a force to be reckoned with come tournament time. Her Top 4 finish in the 2018 Nashville Store Championship proves that.


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