The 2019 Outer Rim Convergence Draft sponsored by Watto’s Shop What an exciting time for Destiny. NEW CARDS! What better way to celebrate new cards and get to learn more about them than a fun draft! Our local group went to Card Addicts here in Birmingham, paid our entry fees, and were bound and determined to get those solid pulls. 60 packs were opened amongst 10 players. There were many quite a few solid pulls, including a few legendary characters such as Phasma and Chewbacca. Yes, Crime Lord was pulled. It was sacrificed to the Draft Gods for good favor in the games to come. We finished opening packs in our two groups and off we were to play out our games and declare a winner. The lists you will see below are the Top 4 decks from the Tournament with decklists. Hopefully this will give you some good ideas for what cards are solid in a draft format, and therefore let you know what cards to stay away from in a draft. HINT: High cost legendary characters. Their points cost too much and limit you. WITH THE FIRST PICK IN THE CONVERGENCE DRAFT, THE OUTER RIM PICKS…. ANAKIN SKYWALKER, WAT TAMBOR, AND DENGAR (Piloted by Outer Rim Lanza) What a pairing. At first glance this deck meets all the criteria for a solid draft deck: Rainbow colored, a strong aggro character (Anakin), a secondary character to help boost damage (Dengar), and a great support character to help you make Continue Reading


A few weeks ago as I began sorting out my Awakenings cards from my Legacies block I started to notice how much money I’ve spent on this game. I’m not upset about it at all because I love this game and love all the experiences it has provided me over the last year. It’s just looking at that massive amount of cards and just thinking to myself “Is there a way to play this game on a limited budget for someone who is a casual player?”. Weird thought, but with this lull in action my thoughts have been more focused on how to grow this amazing game. Convergence is now only one week away, and with that I wanted to go over some options on how a local group or even a new player can get some decks built on a budget to draw in more players and cater to those who simply walk in on local night. Here are a few ways to make this happen: STARTER SETS It’s built into the name. These starter sets come with two characters and around 20 cards each to get you going in your new game of Destiny. At around 15 dollars each they can give you an array of cards to play and help your deck in those fun casual games. One single deck, however, is not legal for a tournament of any sort so if you go this route you will need to buy 2 starter sets, which now run Continue Reading

Where in the World is Alexsandr Kallus?

I first got into Star Wars Destiny back during the middle of the Legacies block. I started with the 2 player set and worked my way from there, building a collection of characters from across the Star Wars Universe. One of the first characters I opened from a booster pack was good ol’ Kallus, the villain of Season 1 of Rebels turned hero in later seasons. I looked at his damage sides and thought this guy would be a great starting character for me to get accustomed to this new game. Let’s take an in depth look at this character and analyze what formats he could be relevant in, if any. Let’s go. KALLUS Kallus is a 14 point for single die, 18 point for elite Red Villain with a 1 melee, 3 melee with a resource cost, 1 range, 2 range, resource, and a blank. That’s 4 damage sides. The only other character with a similar stat line would be Savage Oppress but he has a modified side. Having a die with four damage sides means you can put constant pressure on an opponent to spend money to mitigate a die instead of ramping their resources for supports or upgrades. His Power Action lets you turn a die showing ranged to melee, and vice versa. I’m not sure the Power Action is great unless you go from a 1 range to a 3 melee. That’s about it. The mixed damage sides allow you to pair him with either a Continue Reading

Solidarity Tourney Report – Kit/Luke 2nd Place

Recently the Outer Rim hosted their first Solidarity tournament to help build excitement for the next set and maybe even a little rotation hype to play some of the cards that will not see play again until Infinite format is finalized. As the resident mill player in our local group I considered quite a few options involving mill before making a decision to pivot to Blue Hero. The event package and upgrades for this deck, along with a couple lesser used cards normally, make Blue Hero a strong competitor in specialty events such as Solidarity. I’ll go over the deck list I used in the tournament, then explain what cards I would change out and some that were MVP cards throughout the day. CHARACTERS Luke and Kit as a pair are perfect for Solidarity and each other because of how well they compliment each other without having many matching die sides. Both characters can and probably play better on the defensive whether it’s Luke taking shields for himself or Kit, or Kit using his melee dice to block incoming damage to himself. Don’t let that fool you though. They can each put out massive amounts of damage out of nowhere if you ramp up properly. In many of my swiss rounds I would take resources instead of trying for max damage turn one to build a better board state and overwhelm the opponent with dice early. UPGRADES The standard package of Blue Hero upgrades fit here, along with a few Continue Reading

Luke/Yoda Saves the Day!

Last night I hopped on TTS to try out some of the AWESOME new spoilers we have received lately from all the great content creators in the community. A HUGE thank you to each and everyone of you for making these kind of things happen. Especially Jackalmen Games for taking the time to make proxies so we can get our hands in the mud and see what cards are good and what are not. The original point of this article was to talk about the changes I made to my Phasma/Commando deck with the recent set of spoilers announced, including the MegaTroopers and Quicksilver Baton. Well, after playing against Luke/Yoda with all that Soresu trash or whatever I feel the need to talk about that deck and the chance it has to be strong going into the early Convergence meta! So, without further wait, here we go. I’ll admit. When Stephen plopped this deck out on TTS I thought there was no way it could throw out enough damage and shield up at the same time. I knew he would be running Soresu Training and Mastery as we had talked about how many of each to add to the deck. He originally wanted to add one Training and two Mastery. I convinced him to swap and run two Training and one Mastery, as you can play Mastery from your hand or even discard pile if you can’t pay for it initially. In reality you probably want to run two of Continue Reading

Enfys Nest vs. Phasma – Convergence Style!

We knew a few weeks ago that Phasma was getting reprinted, and that she would have two FOST by her side. She has an awesome ability to resolve any TROOPER die showing Range as Melee. This can be nice if you have weapons attached like Kallus’ Bo Rifle but just pairing her with another FOST is BOOORRRIIINNNGGGG and makes it mono red. Little mitigation and just no fun. In to save the day is the Mandalorian Super Commando! He is a perfect 30 points with ePhasma, he’s Yellow, and wait…what is that character type on his card? Ah yes!!! He is a trooper as well! So those 1 range and 2 range sides along with the 1 melee side make this character combo match on all sides. NICE! Plus, in case you can’t math, this is technically a FIVE DICE VILLAIN start. I love the way this sounds already. The Commando is great for his Power Action, dealing damage to a character with the first weapon or equipment played on him each round. He’s a great support character for Phasma and if you can build him up alongside Phasma he can definitely finish games if needed. Phasma is a solid character in her own right. A 2 focus side can fix those crappy FOST dice for damage or resources, whichever one you need. Yoda is Yoda, and simply generates resources, gives you shields, and turns dice every turn. The muppet does no wrong. Enfys Nest was spoiled a few weeks Continue Reading