Dear Jeremy: Ban Snoke.


Outer Rim Lanza xoxo

Quit putting a band aid on a problem and just ban the most oppressive, broken character in the brief history of Star Wars Destiny. No single character continues to dominate meta and major championships more that an elite Snoke, whether at 13 or 14 points and then continues to dominate the competitive arena (see Denver GQ standard results or I'll save you the time: Snoke won both).

Should have made him a 15 elite”

Should make the Power Action on damage sides only”

Make the Power Action two damage”

None of these solves the issue with Snoke. Not only does he make the meta boring, but he also makes deck building lazy and we have two more expansions before he rotates out. So, unless FFG wants to stop creating 7, 8 and 9 point yellow and red characters with resource sides, just rip the band aid off and join the rest of the responsible CCG community and start your own ban list and start it off with this jack ass.

Snoke Timeline in the eyes of FFG and the Community

Community: Snoke is a 13-point elite? Let’s find 17 points out of a red and yellow that has resource sides and make a shit ton of money and play a bunch of supports that are not attached to characters and can’t be removed easily. Sounds awesome, but there can’t be that many options?

Snoke/Aphra/Battle Droid (Hyperloops SAD)

Snoke/Ciena/Sebulba (Crotch Rocket)

Snoke/Bazine/FOST (5 freaking dies, credit to YOUR DESTINY)

Community: Well, those characters are just support characters and can burn down pretty easy. I bet you can’t pair him with anyone else similarly oppressive.

FFG: Creates Theed, Vader’s Fist and Tie Fighters. Welcome to the party Thrawn.

FFG: We will balance Snoke to 14 elite. Problem solved!

Hyperloops: Haha, we will just create eSnoke/Rebel Traitor/Ciena. All Hail Snoke!

Community: Let's try Snoke/Tarkin and plow the field!

FFG: We will nerf Theed and rotation will handle the rest! Problem really solved.

FFG: Creates Watto with dice that can’t be removed with two resource sides, makes him a 9 single with 9 HP, gives him his own Chance Cube, reprints FOST, and throws in Entourage and Megablasters for shits and giggles.

Me: Now I am thinking they just want to watch the world burn.

So, where do we stand today? On the cusp of Galactic Qualifiers with a stale meta because Trilogy is one set, Standard is Snoke and Infinite is insanity (but looking like the most fun option at the moment). But those are literally our options for a World’s seat: a stale Trilogy meta, or another 6 rounds of Snoke three-wide.

Do us a favor FFG, show us you are watching and listening and let’s put a candle up for Snoke and remember the glory days and not send another dozen people to World’s with the same repetitive deck build we have been dealing with for the entire Legacies meta. Let’s push creativity and parity before the game suffers any further.


***After reading the letter I remember us putting an article out about the deck that won both standard GQ's in Denver before Convergence was released. The link is below this.  There are some obvious cards not in there, such as Entourage and Megablaster Troopers, but nonetheless this shows the thought was already out in the community for a pairing of this nature. It seems since his introduction into the game the players have always asked first "Is this new character Snokeable?" If yes, then they work out how and if no, that character does not see play. Just a thought I had while putting this together today. Thanks! - Matt Rice ***


Watto We Going To Do About Snoke?



Stephen Lanza