Uh, no it isn’t.

With more Galactic Qualifiers fast approaching and no real concrete Convergence meta established, everyone is losing their freaking minds on Force Storm and the chaos it will inflict on the not so prepared. Having played an optimized version of this deck over the last two weeks, I have all the help you may need.

Wat Tambor is your problem. Not the Force Storm, and certainly not any other build using Watto. The problem is that 2/3rds of his die sides benefit your Palp player and can build the ramp needed with the resources and then chain into unholy bullshittery (I’m gonna patent that one) with either focus side. He also introduces you to the much-needed red for your blowout removal with Rout and Best Defense, but the real problem is a well-timed Probe that will eat up your hand before the Storm even hits the table. If you give your opponent just one 2 focus on the table from Wat before Palp rolls out and you are ripped of mitigation, here is what your round will look like:

Wat 2 Focus into Storm special and Palp 2 Focus – 1 Damage

Palp 2 Focus into Storm special and Palp 2 Focus – 2 Damage

Palp 2 Focus into Storm special and Mastery 2 Focus – 3 Damage

Resolve Storm special – 4 damage

Total 10 damage from Force Storm and that is before they Power Action it back out and that is if they don’t hit it naturally before the focus chaining. Add the natural and your damage is 15, add another special after the Power Action (and if they haven’t stopped it by now, they damn sure will empty their hand looking for it), you just took 21. And oh yeah, Force Focus basically does almost the same thing, so add that to the bag of tricks. Also, a recent Reddit post displayed potential roll and damage simulation (credit to wynalazca).

So, yeah, all the naysayers say “well that is the perfect scenario”. First your opponent has to just let you do as you want. Well, in my experience it isn’t that highly unusual to see a Force Storm on the table Round 1 considering you have Salt Flats to focus to a Wat resource and you are running two Logistics and two Forbidden Lore. It is also not that unusual to have your opponent raging mad after a well-timed Probe hits their removal. And with Bacta Therapy, mitigation in the 8-10 range, two Soresu Mastery and Force Jump, it isn’t necessarily that hard to keep Palp breathing long enough to set yourself up in one of the above scenarios. Defense, defense, defense with Palp, because it only takes one round for the Storm to keep going and going and going like an Energizer bunny from hell.



Don’t let your opponent do whatever they want!

But be very careful, controlling a resource or focus round 1 on Wat leaves you open for Palp with a lightsaber or Sith Teachings and slicing you for 6. Then round 2 overwriting for the Storm all you did was buy yourself a round. Save your removal for actual damage.

Just kill Palp!

That seems easy, until he is ramped with 3-4 abilities, a good suite of his own control, plus shields, it isn’t as easy as it sounds to bring the old bastard down round 2. By round 3 they have a Bacta Therapy and heal five. Gross. Kill Wat quick and save your big removal for Force Storm.

Sell all your cards and quit!

Nope, the most effective ways of controlling Palp are found in three simple cards.

Mind Extraction

Not too bad in slowing down Aphra, Phasma, Padme, Leia mill and if you play it after Palp is either sitting at 10 damage, or with a shit ton of abilities, you can absolutely cripple your opponent, if not just auto win.

Law and Order

A little clunky for a three cost, but a natural fit in decks that run Mean Streets, or make a lot of money. Easy way of just ripping Storm off the table, but be weary of Probe.


You should be playing this card in any villain red anyway, but more so now. This is 100% the most versatile card of the three listed that will get you competitive results in matches outside of Palp/Wat. Slowing down Yoda and Snoke feels pretty good also.

Outer Rim Projections:

  • Standard GQs, we expect a healthy percentage of Palp decks, possibly in the 25% range, yet some with Watto
  • Trilogy GQs we are projecting 35-40%
  • Because the meta will be prepared for Palp/Wat, we don’t see at 6-0 in Standard in Denver this weekend, however we thoroughly expect it to cause a lot of issues for casual participants

Is Force Storm broken? Not in the literal sense of the word, however I do believe it could cause an NPE (negative play experience) for the more casual players and at local events. Also, if it does dominate the meta with a few adjustments (Unshackle, Protective Suit), I expect a nerf eventually in the likes of a point increase on Palp to 15/19, or even possibly on Wat to a 10/13 considering his power action is extremely effective in support decks and his die sides are some of the best for 9 point/9 health single die character.

The decklist is down below.



Stephen Lanza