Infinite Possibilities – Back and Stronger Than Ever

That alt art looks pretty sweet right? Yeah we thought so too. Thanks to Parker Simpson for making a great Mace Windu with a throwback to the OG Clone Wars series! If you're interested in how to get your hands on some of our cool alt arts check out the bottom of the article for information on how to join our social media outlets!


When Mace Windu, Jedi Champion, came onto the scene with Empire at War we had never had a character with a 4 damage side. It was unheard of and showed how powerful Mace really was in the Star Wars Universe. Guy did beat Palpatine until Anakin came in. Plus anyone who wants “BAMF” on the bottom of their lightsaber is not someone you want to see in a fight. His point cost though definitely limited his pairings and virtually guaranteed he would not get an elite partner. So the community needed to find someone with one decent die and some bonus abilities to compliment Mace. Enter Maz Kanata. Her one die cost at 8 fit perfectly with Mace and her ability after activation (as I'm writing this all I hear in my head is ORS-Lanza saying “Maz's Ability” every time he would roll her in and how I wanted to flip the table) meant she could resolve damage on Mace or take money without the fear of an opponent mitigating die. She was yellow which allowed for blue and yellow mitigation to combine into a powerful force to limit what the opponent could do each turn. Yellow also gives us access to money generating cards in Truce and Well Connected to help ramp, along with Maz's Vault.

We recently had an episode of the Outer Rim Podcast featuring Norman where we talked about the recent changes to old characters for the new infinite format. Looking back at his list he was nearly perfect except for the drastic change to Mace. He felt Mace would get a point decrease, but instead received a 3 point decrease and making him a perfect fit for Maz again, but this time as two elite characters. You can listen to the episode over on our Podcast page, There was a good discussion about what these changes mean to the Infinite format going forward so I highly suggest listening to it. One other note to consider is the new subtypes these older characters picked up with the Holocron update. Mace is now both a Leader and a Jedi. This will be important when we look at the event package. Maz received the Scoundrel subtype but she is still so squishy we need to use her for the short amount of time we can and focus on getting Mace powerful.

So we have the pairing. Great. We now need to look at how to adapt the old decklists from last year into a more updated version that can really pack a punch. Convergence gave us a few new tricks but for the most part the deck is an even split of old cards and new ones. We need to start with the Upgrade package and dive in to the tech. Let's go.


Salt Flats. We have a leader. We use Salt Flats. End Statement.


Looking back through most decklists from a year ago one thing is clear: There were not many upgrades to put on Mace. You relied on his dice being fixed by Max and that was it. We are going to take a different look at this pairing and try to get as many weapons on Mace as possible. Normally he could only have 3 upgrades, but with the introduction of Custom Bandolier we can now put Equipment on Mace without worrying about hitting the limit. Plus we can exhaust the card to reroll a weapon or equipment die. There are not a huge amount of equipment die out there but two immediately come to mind and each brings value to the deck. Luke's Lightning Rod has 50 percent base damage sides to boost Mace or even help Maz in a pinch. Mandalorian Vambraces brings a die that can be moved from character to character as often as you want. No blank side means you have choices on what you want to resolve. The 1 disrupt side should not be overlooked against a support heavy opponent. Maz's Goggles gives us extra focus and with Bandolier we can throw it on Mace before Maz dies to keep focus in the picture.

Our weapons package is a recall to the classics like Ancient and Shoto to protect Mace. Mace, of course, needs his Lightsaber which works great with his character ability. Two ways to kill someone without putting full damage on them. Nice. Our only two redeploy weapons are Ezra's Saber and Dagger of Mortis but I have the feeling we will only need them in certain situations. I actually like Ezra on Maz to match her other range sides. Force Illusion speaks for itself. It allows Mace to live longer or gives Maz one extra turn for her ability. Just a great/broken card that is an auto include for blue.


Our event package is centered around Mace and his new subtypes, Leader and Jedi. 2 Channel the Force act as a different version of Beguile. I added this card instead of Beguile simply because Mace is on the artwork. In all reality Beguile is the better play here as there are not spot requirements for that card. It's infinite format though so we are trying to be a little reckless here! Disciplined Mind is similar to Way of the Light but removes a Non-Jedi die. That means all villain, red and yellow dice automatically are off the table (minus Watto...barf). In a format with a big variety of deck combos this card can come in clutch when played right. Easy Pickings is Mastercard. Can't leave home without it. Guard is solid in this deck because for 0 resources, we could potentially remove 4 dice from an opponent. Brutal. The easiest 2 of in the deck. I only place one Hidden Motive in there because, as a few others in the community have stated recently, it just doesn't seem to be as strong of mitigation as once thought. It's good against Vader, but that die will just get Power Action'd back into play. We need cards that can remove dice and not cause us fits if we don't call it correctly. Overconfidence with one of Mace's die and in most cases the opponent will lose the battle. Pay 1 to reroll one of your die, an opponent's die, and more than likely remove that die is a decent cost to pay. Just have to make sure to keep Mace alive long enough but I don't think that will be a problem. Truce gets us money for that beautiful 4 side on Mace or to help pay for one of the many weapons we will have in hand each turn. Load up Mace quick!

I saved the last three cards for their own section because I personally think these are the cards that take Mace/Maz from a solid deck to a strong deck. Not saying Tier 1 by any means, but a competitive Infinite deck that goes fast. Slice and Dice makes you remove two of your dice showing melee. Then deal UNBLOCKABLE damage to any characters however you choose. You don't want to overkill a character with 3 health left? Pay 1 for this, remove the 4 and 2 melee, deal your 3 to that character and the other 3 however you want. This falls into the category of blowout card as it did not see much, if any, play during Across the Galaxy. Eventually people will see how sneaky good this card can be for melee decks and run with it. Asajj/Dengar, you have a call on Line 1.

The final card slot belongs to Instigate. Pay 1 to activate a character with Ambush is nice. Here's where it gets to be beautiful. Pay 1. Activate Mace. Ambush. Roll out Maz. Maz's Ability. Resolve your two dice and keep going fast. This play reminds me of the Han/Biggs play with the Legacies Millennium Falcon. You can get it all out there and hopefully have some focus to resolve damage. It's just such a good card in a fast hero deck. I played against a Kes/Cassian deck recently and my opponent played this to roll out Kes, then use his action to resolve everything he could. 9 damage. Well done Kenny. Jerk.


I don't always do an opening hand strategy but I think this deck deserves some love. It's not something brand new, we are just looking to retool it for a new format with some nice new additions. My first priority is 1 Custom Bandolier. This gets the equipment buff going and at 0 cost doesn't set us back any. Plus we can exhaust it to reroll any weapon or character die. Free rerolls are always free...and fun. I would like to see Ezra's lightsaber or Luke's Lightning Rod as well. Get an upgrade out to help boost damage. One Truce to make money for mitigation, our one Hidden Motive to slow down an opponent if anything, and a Maz's Goggles. The card can pay itself back in one turn or give you major focus sides. Either way I want it to hit the table early and often. Even the special is nice to rip events out of an opponent's hand while gaining hand knowledge at the same time.



I never had the fortune of playing this deck but when it was a thing. Seeing Mace get that 3 point swing really intrigued me and hopefully he will come back in more Infinite tournaments. The whole goal of the deck is simply roll dice, focus dice, resolve dice, mitigate, and get out. Wait, that's the goal of every deck. We just want to do it faster than you. Hopefully you can take some ideas from this pairing and make a super fun deck for yourself! Let us know what cards you would add or take out and why! Thanks for reading the article, and make sure to check out our FREE Discord server, link at the bottom of the page, join our new Facebook group, @outerrimgames, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram! Links down below. Have a great day!

Written by:

Matt Rice