Infinite Possibilities – Sith Lord Edition

An Infinite deck strategy formulated by our very own Thomas Brown, aka ORS-Dash-Rendar. He is mixing it up with Convergence and trying a different mill strategy where cards are taken from hand and with heavy control on opponent's dice. Enjoy!

This is a hand control deck that looks to mulligan for Count Dooku's Lightsaber or Lightsaber Pull in your opening hand to leave your opponent with a 2 card starting hand. I prefer Darth Vader - Sith Lord over Thrawn - Master Strategist due to Vader already having great damage sides on his dice and his synergy with Close Quarters Assault. While Thrawn is a great choice and does give you hand knowledge, if he misses his call then your opponent still has 5 cards in hand. Vader instantly forces a discard with his activation. This paired with Count Dooku's Power Action means every round there will be 2 cards removed from the opponent's hand. Over time this will force more critical choices on their part as to either discard key upgrades or supports or quality mitigation from hand, leaving Vader to do what he has done since the game started. But how would a deck like this run overall? Let's go through and talk key cards from each area of the deck starting with the Event package.                                



With the format being infinite you have a plethora of great mitigation options from straight up removal to dice manipulation in Salt Flats - Crait to dice disruption in the form of Nature's Charm. Cards like these may not be the end all but with your opponent low on cards they will have to chose between mitigation and re-rolling. Close Quarters Assault comes back to the foray in Infinite and with two characters showing Melee sides this card can be the blowout card to help you kill an opponent or wreck their whole turn. This is a 2 of without a doubt. Another blowout card from this deck is No Mercy. We only include 1 in the deck to ensure enough mitigation hits the table but when this thing fires it's lights out. Usually adding at least 2 and up to 4 damage to a single die is a good trade, as we see in Convergence with Pulverize. Forsaken will be a hard card to set off against another two wide deck but against three wide it will see plenty of play. Enrage is our resource generator to get key upgrades down early. Nature's Charm works as a way to force an opponent to discard another card and reroll. It can backfire though, so you need to use these at the right time. Feel Your Anger will hurt hard with the amount of Snoke/Tarkin possibly roaming the Infinite Wild Wild West. This might even need to be a 2 of if you're expecting to see Snarkin in your neck of the woods.


The most important upgrade is Count Dooku's Lightsaber. This card allows you to strip 3 cards from your opponent round 1 in conjunction with Dooku's Power Action and Vader’s natural activation. The 2 discard sides are not bad options with Vader dealing most of the damage and using Dooku for hand disruption. Darth Vader's Lightsaber adds some punch to the deck and gets Vader's dice back in the pool for extra damage. Ancient Lightsaber offers flexibility and healing and the +3 side just looks so good with Vader. Great for mill decks looking to rip cards from hand or deck. Force Illusion is...Force Illusion. It works wonders and protects your characters long term.

The only support we play in the deck is Stifle, but it serves our overall purpose of getting rid of cards in hand. Even if they use a 0 cost like Forsaken or Hidden Motive it is one less piece we have to worry about and one less card for reroll.

Look Paw! No Hands!

This deck is made possible by the new errata’d cards from the awakenings cycle, hopefully some of these cards will see new life in competitive play. For more articles articles and sweet deck techs check out the Outer Rim Smugglers website!


Thomas Brown