Infinite Possibilities – Top Gun

Hello fellow Smugglers, ORS-Dash-Rendar here with another edition of Infinite Possibilities. Today we will be visiting the past once again with an infamous character and try to bring that card into the future. The pairing I chose for this article is none other than Poe Dameron – Ace Pilot and Satine Kryze – Hope of Mandalore. The Poe decks of old had help from Maz Kanata to action cheat into his special. While Satine can't action cheat on her own she does have a lot of offer that Maz wasn't as proficient in achieving. First of all she is much better at making money and her activated ability is very good for her point cost. Secondly she is much less squishy at 9 health and lastly her two indirect side is often going to go untouched by your opponent so that little extra damage is welcomed.


This deck still runs Cunning, but with it being a Yellow Character only it can only go on Satine. Moxie, however, can go on either character and offers more ways to get the beautiful Poe special going. Cunning will be able to also use the special from both the Thermal Detonator and the V-1 Thermal Detonator for bonus damage. No blasters or lightsabers needed in this deck. We want specials that can hit early and often.


We are running the Awakenings Millennium Falcon because it has a 4 ranged for no resource cost and also has a 3 discard side that is super powerful against heavy support decks. The U-Wing returns and is very versatile in dealing damage to each opponent and more if there is only one opponent left. We are running Planetary Uprising with us claiming first almost every round to deal free damage. Over 3 round this is 6 damage with only one card.


Now this is where we get spicy and really bring back the classics. Hit and Run is there along with Hyperspace Jump and Retreat to get in and get out. Instigate is another card that could be added if needed but right now it seems the deck runs fast enough and we some a few mitigation cards to limit incoming damage. Seize the Day does make the cut and is a variation of Tactical Mastery that heroes can now use. Nice! We are gambling by running 4 mitigation cards, 2 Hasty Exits and 2 Easy Pickings. We also have First Aid to help heal and there is a chance to swap it out for Mend since we will be making money and could use the extra point of healing to keep a character alive. The deck really is Top Gun themed with this many fast action paced cards to go through!



Poe/Max was crazy nuts in the early game of Destiny. With the addition of Seize the Day along with Hit and Run we may have Poe/Maz 2.0, but Satine has more upside overall. Emperor's Throne Room is solid as always and just gets the job done. Thanks for checking out the article and if you like the content stick around the rest of this week for more great Infinite articles from the Outer Rim!


Thomas Brown