When Convergence first released, the first deck I planned on building was going to include Enfys is some way, shape, or form. I absolutely loved her power action, especially when paired with other scoundrel cards that would be releasing in Convergence and Allies of Necessity. But, as I opened packs and began formulating what I wanted in my first Convergence Standard deck, I became very intrigued by Kes Dameron. But, more importantly, who he could best be paired with in the new standard.


Kes Dameron - Coming Out Of His Cage, Doin’ Just Fine


I’ll start out with Kes’ dice sides. Kes has a 2-range, 3-range for a resource, 1-focus, 2-focus, 1-Resource, and a blank. Overall, pretty decent sides if you ask me. He has some solid damage sides, and also has focus sides which are always a big plus in this game. However, if he were only a character with those dice sides, there could be better options for a 13/16 point character. What truly sets him apart is his action.

Kes’ action is simple in nature, but can be very powerful in its use. Simply stated, his action allows you to resolve any of your trooper dice in the order of your choice. This ability, as I found out, is extremely helpful in getting damage out quickly. By using his action, you are able to both resolve his focus dice on other trooper dice to sides showing damage, and then resolve them without giving your opponent a chance to mitigate the damage. Because of that, this deck can strike fast.

Now, because of the trooper synergy, most people likely would want to pair him with Rex or Clone Commander Cody, leaving you playing mono-red, which is not ideal. So where do I go from here? My mind went to Cassian Andor - Rebellion Operative. One problem: he’s not a trooper! This is where Stealthy comes into play. By playing Stealthy on Cas, he instantly gains the trooper subtype, which is perfect with Kes’ action ability. As an added perk, any time I resolve Cassian’s dice, I can do an indirect damage.

The battlefield I have selected with these two is Military Camp. Using the Military Camp Power Action, I am able to activate Cas and Kes at the same time since they both share the leader subtype. Then, I can reroll one of my trooper character dice.


Upgrades & Supports - But It’s Just The Price I Pay


Outside of Stealthy, most of the other supports and upgrades in my build are based around continuing to help output damage. The first, and only support, I currently have in my build is the Conscript Squad. This 1-cost support doubles as a trooper, has 3 ranged sides, and can be activated whenever you activate any of your leader characters. So basically, anytime you activate Cas or Kes, you can activate any Conscript Squad you have in play.

As for upgrades, I went for either fast upgrades with ambush, or sustainable upgrades with redeploy. These include the A300 Blaster, E-11 Blaster, and Hidden Blaster. These are all 2-cost upgrades that can either help stay in the game, or help maintain damage throughout the course of the game. I can place the A300s or E-11 on whichever character my opponent targets first, and keep those in play.

The last upgrade in my deck is a must in any deck with red characters: The Riot Shield. In a trooper-based deck, this is even better. It basically gives me 6 more health assuming I get both of them in play. This deck starts at 21 health, so boosting the health pool to 27 gives me that little bit of extra time to take care of business.


Event Package - Swimming Through Sick Lullabies


I’m going to talk about three events in here that I think could help make or break this deck. The first event is Rout. If I am able to win my battlefield, I can use its power action to activate all my characters and Conscript Squads at once. With all these dice in my pool, Rout is a great card because it allows me to remove one of my opponent’s dice for every three of my dice. In the four games I’ve played, I’ve had upwards of nine dice in play at one time. That’s removing 3 dice for one cost. Pretty efficient.

I also really like Strike Back in this deck. After activating my characters, more often than not I’ll have at least one discard, focus and range side showing. This one-cost event allows me to do one range, one focus, and one discard all at once, while still leaving my dice in play. Pretty much an auto-include for me in this deck.

The last card I want to include in this is Aggressive Negotiations. This card is downright mean if you can time it well. It forces your opponent to choose and remove any number of their dice - but here’s the catch - for each damage die left in their pool, they do two indirect to themselves. It’s a card you love to play, but hate to see played against you, especially in this deck.


Starting Hand - Gotta Gotta Be Down, Because I Want It All


I will always hard-mulligan for Stealthy. Always. It’s just necessary to keep this deck fast. Even without it, the deck is still very quick. I also would like to get at least one weapon upgrade or Conscript Squad, really to keep my board state strong going into round two. Ideally, I would also get something like Measure for Measure or another mitigation card to help slow down my opponent. The last card I would love to get is Scruffy. If I see my opponent storing up resources for something big turn one, it would be great to be able to nuke that from their hand before it reaches play.


Final Thoughts - SWDestiny Is Calling Me

Overall, I went 2-2 during the first Convergence Standard Kessel Run. There was some obvious tweaking to do after that night, but even still, this deck felt right and flowed extremely well. It plays extremely fast, and Cassian’s access to Yellow gives it access to some much needed mitigation.

There are still so many characters I want to try playing. Heck, I even want to try Enfys/EKes just so I can use the Megablaster Troopers with Kes. But that may happen later. For now, I’m hooked on Kes/Cas. You can check out my current build below.



Kenny Guion