Let’s Talk About Rotation


        What does it mean and how does it impact your gameplay?

       The most dreaded or anticipated, depending on your outlook, word right now in Star Wars

Destiny is ROTATION. This will be the first time any of us have had to go through such a huge card

shift so I'm not quite sure where to start but here goes.

        Rotation will first and foremost get rid of a block of cards designed by a different team and had

so many bugs to work through. There were deadly combos such as Poe/Maz and cards that were

Balanced more times than I've had lunch this week (looking at you Unkar Plutt). There were cards that made

absolutely no sense whatsoever. There were cards that just made you look at it and say “umm, what is

this?”. Having said all this, let's dig deeper into this rotation cycle. We'll start with cards that we simply

just bad for the game and are going to die a quick death next month. Then we will look at those cards

that are actually getting a reprint and what this means for certain decks (RED VILLAIN). After this, it's

to let the past die. We will kill it Kylo Ren style by looking at some NEW standard cards that should

see early in the meta. Finally, we will wrap up by talking new Trilogy and new Standard concepts. So

buckle up, because we are going to Hyperspace Jump one more time.

                       OLD CARDS THAT WILL GO FAR FAR AWAY

          Before we jump forward in time, let's take a look at three cards that we are

excited to see leave the field. I've already taken out Hyperspace Jump and Second Chance because

everyone and their friend has that on the list. These cards represent what Destiny used to be, and

hopefully, in my opinion, will lead developers in a better direction going forward.

                        1. FORCE ILLUSION

         Yes, I know that I said I wouldn't mention the main guys but this card is just a WTF card. Force                                                                                                           

Illusion on Ciena Ree?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Girl can't fly her way out of Jakku much less project a                                                                                                         

fake image of herself to save 2 damage. I just finished playing against someone running

Ciena Ree/Snoke/Bala and almost had Ciena Ree dead Turn 1. Low and behold, there is Force Illusion. Welp.

There goes that plan. It was a fun game and that did not affect the game long term (I lost, duh) but that

play should've been restricted from the beginning. I'm going to write “Play only if on a Blue Character”

on mine for Infinite format, then burn the dumb cards.

                        2. BUY OUT

            I remember the first time I saw this card in action. It was my first tournament back in the

summer of 2018. I sat across from a guy who put Unkar Plutt and some other characters out and I saw

NO damage sides. I wondered to myself as a new player, “Is this guy newer than me? Does he not

know the symbols on the dice?” He did. He knew the resource side very well. I kept letting him gather

resources until he had around 20. I asked him what he planned to do with all those, thinking I was

being hilarious. He played Buy Out next turn and I about threw the table at him. To this day I still

worry about this card in any mill deck, or even yellow decks. This card is personal. Good riddance. Get

off my lawn. Great job Thomas. You welcomed me to the world of mill. YUCK.

                        3. CLOSE QUARTERS ASSAULT

           Another blowout card that can completely wreck your turn. You are staring across from

Maul/Savage and Savage has two 1 melee sides, while Maul has one 2 melee side. You know you can

take four damage no problem, but then he plays this grey card from ancient times. Then your opponent

is making you discard over HALF your hand just because they are showing FOUR FREAKING

DAMAGE. What is the meaning of this?? In all fairness it probably really isn't a terrible card and it

may get a reprint at some point, but I would be ok if it just stay in infinite. Chewbacca is on this card

and it is BETTER than BOTH his character cards, Convergence Chewy included. Sorry bud, the

wookie won't win this time.

                             OLD CARDS MAKING THAT SWEET RETURN

              These cards somehow made it through the slippery fingers of rotation to get fresh coats of paint

and a new life in Destiny. Truce, where each opponent gets a resource and you get an additional action,

comes back to help pay for mitigation or sneaky moves. It will be interesting what combos this card

will be used with seeing how Hyperspace Jump was a popular pairing in the past.

Red Villain, you are currently the leader in the clubhouse for reprints. From the new FOST to The Best Defense...

to even Probe you are in a great spot to start rotation. I played a game recently with Captain Phasma and those

Trooper dice are no joke. You can use them to boost damage or even build up resources for your

board state. The Best Defense...is just an amazing mitigation card and in my opinion is as solid as Easy Pickings                                                                                         

 for Yellow Hero. Why? Because it removes ANY two dice. Yes you do three damage but if a Fist and Firespray are

looking at you for six damage three sounds awfully good in a crunch. Probe returning surprised me to be honest. You can pick

an opponent's hand apart and gain knowledge without paying a resource. Even if you don't hit events

the knowledge that your opponent has an Umbaran Hover Tank or Fist in hand helps you target their

resources and keep them at bay.

                      The OG Lightsaber is making a return. Cool. It will probably see as much play as it did before

rotation. Enough said here.

                                                            CHARACTERS THAT WILL HAVE AN EARLY IMPACT

                                                                          For this I'm going to focus on at least one new character from Convergence to be paired with someone. 


              Captain Phasma is back and bringing a few friends along with her. Her Power Action to roll two FOST

dice into the pool is like having two zero health characters roll in for free each round. If she wasn't

paired with anyone that is still a four dice start. I'll take it. But in order to optimize her she needs some

help. Who better to help a bunch of troopers than a YELLOW trooper, our old friend the Mandalorian

Super Commando. He has mixed sides but WHO CARES! Phasma let's you resolve all trooper dice

showing range as if they were melee! YES! I gave this deck a spin against another character pairing

you will see shortly and let's just say it was close to being fine tuned from the beginning. Hint: Bring

all the melee weapons you want to the party.


                   Enfys will be a force to be reckoned with once the new set drops. Her ability to bring two hero

and two villain cards to the table screams one thing. VADER'S FIST. Who better to pair her with for

this than the green Muppet Yoda. Both can generate resources very quickly and even though you are

running Bitter Rivalry you simply play Steadfast and boom. You're fully healed and got two free

damage on an opponent. My personal opinion is this deck will be powerful in the beginning and you

will see decks built with lots of downgrades to counter this, such as Hampered.


                     Here we go. A character whose dice CANNOT be removed by events. Ruh Roh Scooby. This

could get ugly quick. As soon as he was spoiled by the guys at Sons of Mandalore (@Mandalorepod),

people already had him lined up with..you guessed it...Snoke. These two are going to make it rain for

days money wise. You may see a Vader's Fist, two Firesprays, and two Umbaran Hover Tanks by

Round 2 if you're not careful. He should use his Power Action on his own dice and just scream resource

everytime. Knight of Columbus this is an interesting concept. I love it. You know where else Watto is

great in? DRAFT. Just rake in the money for those upgrades and slam your opponent to the ground

Turn 2.


                          The new Trilogy platform will only consist of cards from this upcoming set. So you can build

a deck of 30 cards from a pool of 160. This will be my first experience with this small a card pool so

I will hold judgment until I have more information, but my guess would be this will limit creativity and

only a few strong decks will see play at GQ's that have Trilogy Qualifiers (BTW, MomoCon, I'm

gunning for that Iden Versio spot gloss and playmat. Might as well just save me one of each).


                               I started playing in the middle of the Legacies meta, so I played catch up on cards the entire

month or two before Way of the Force. My hope is that new character pairings will be tried out early

to formulate fun pairings that can be good long term. Characters that under performed in previous sets,

such as Iden Versio and Dryden Vos, should see more play next series. Others, such as Han Solo and

Qi'Ra, might see less play unless plenty of new range weapons are introduced. My prediction for

Standard format will be lots of Snoke/Watto early on, with Enfys/Yoda right beside them for most

played deck. There will be fun ones built. There will be terrible ones built. But LET'S CELEBRATE



                          This is my first full length article, and it reminded me of my college days. Roll Tide. If you read

all of this thank you so much. It means a lot to me that you would take the time to do that. If you like

what the site is doing make sure to follow us on our social media platforms. We are on all of them

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            I want to take a second and thank the community as a whole for making this game the great one

it is. A HUGE thank you to @_kroozin for the help getting this started. It's people like you that make Destiny a great game. Traveling around to other stores

and seeing other people play the game and love it as much as we do is encouraging and let's us know the game is in a healthy state. Keep it up guys.

Matt – Outer Rim Rice