This week we have focused our attention around the Naboo Palace Guard and possible combos to make him a stronger player in the Destiny scene. Well today is April 25, 2019. We saved this special list just for today because it could quite possibly be the most broken yet amazing pairing of characters the galaxy...ANY galaxy...has even seen. We still need to find leaders for the Palace Guard Guardian to kick in so in looking for who to play it became obvious of a few choices. No, not Padme. At least not today. We are going to reach outside the known galaxy and find a few partners who can hopefully save the Universe from the Terror to Behold AND Thanos. The Naboo Palace Guard will be using Guardian quite a bit against Thanos to help protect our crew of Avengers. Without further adue, here we go!


The First Avenger is the known leader of the current Avengers group and fits perfectly with the Palace Guard. His 3 melee sides at NO cost strike fear into an opponent before they can even blink. At 14 health we don't even have to worry about cards like Riot Shield. He's a tank and will require the full attention of the enemy if they want to take him down. His 2 shield sides help support the pairing overall and rival a loaded Palpatine for strongest character in the Star Wars..I mean Marvel...I mean DISNEY Universe! His Power Action does cost 1 resource but adding health and potentially dealing damage for only 1 is an absolutely insane deal. For the benefit of this pairing we are running him single die to be able to fit a 4th character on the board. Overall just a strong leader who can hopefully lead your team to victory. His Shield is unique so we will only be running one of these but come on. You are absolutely going to mulligan for this weapon Turn 1. A special to give yourself 2 shields then deal a character 2 damage is broken. FFG please nerf. Immediately.

Who else could we pair with him though? How about the newest Avenger, Captain Marvel.


Just when you think Captain America is the strongest Avenger here comes Carol Danvers with all her glowy stuff just blasting everything out of the sky. She does have mixed damage sides and none match Captain America, but we will just bring Take The Fight to Them to resolve all damage in the order of our choice. Pretty sure we will not be needing much mitigation as we are looking to push tempo with the deck and put our opponent on edge early and often. Her 15 health is bonkers and don't sleep on the 2 disrupt. Need a way to slow down Unlimited Power Palpatine? Just resolve one of her dice showing this and there goes a Force Focus or even a Palp Saber. Her Power Action gives you a little action cheat and with a 66 percent chance of hitting damage on each dice it will be online early and often. Being able to deal 1 free damage on up to 2 characters acts like a free dice in your pool. Then you can turn around a resolve one of the dice showing damage. At minimum you are dealing 4 indirect with the Power Action each round. Pretty solid. She is just fierce and giving us access to Easy Pickings is enough for us to include her in the deck.



While the guard doesn't have the big health of the first two he gives us a focus side and Guardian for two characters. He matches well with Captain Marvel for damage but besides that he is our sacrificial lamb. Just wish there were more we could do for him like give him an Iron Man suit or something but alas, we can't. In all honesty the Guard probably didn't make it through the Snap. Figures. This leads us to our final character. He is pretty much a support with health, but he does give us access to Blue. Watch out for the Rabbit..I mean Raccoon!


Rocket is good for a little bump in damage but it is his ability that makes him really solid. Like L3-37 with vehicles, Rocket can attach himself to a character with 2 WORKING arms and become an upgrade. His point cost is miraculously cheap and while running one die would give us 30 we are going to push the limit and run two dice and include Bitter Rivalry in the deck. Go on. Try and deal us 2 unblockable. We can now put Steadfast in our deck and throw that right back at you Turn 1.



In all seriousness I came up with this deck first so anyone who wants to netdeck this will have to pay me a royalty. Ha! A bunch of our local group will be going to see this movie tonight and we just wanted to take a side break from deck talk to bring you something fun and silly. Hopefully you will be able to see Endgame this weekend and have a great time with it. If you do happen to enjoy our content, including the crazy stuff, make sure to check out our Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Our Discord is active with Destiny chat including deck building and strategy.



Matt Rice