Our recent series based around the Sentinel Messenger showed the versatility of the droid in many decks, from the power of Vader to the droid frenzy of Aphra and Grievous. He brings quite a bit to the table for Villain. Is there a character in Convergence that can act similarly to the Messenger for Hero? I don’t know that this character can do everything the Messenger can, but he brings a different set of strengths to the table and can make an impact in whatever deck he is played in. For this week we are going to look at different decks that feature the Naboo Palace Guard and try to see how he can add value to the deck and possibly be the key to winning some games. First, let’s check out the Guard himself.


Over the life span of Destiny we’ve seen plenty of non unique characters come and go. In most instances, they bring one small feature to the pairing or just fill out a spot for points and health. As we look at the history of these non uniques we notice a pattern with most: their point total is either equal to or higher than their health. For example, the Nightsister from Awakenings was an 8 cost but only had 7 health. The Tusken Raider, a World Champion character, costed 9 points and only carried 8 health. There also have been a few that broke the mold recently, such as Hired Gun and Nightbrother. With Convergence we get another character to add to the mix in the Naboo Palace Guard. He comes in at only 8 points but 9 health. Hired Gun was featured in some winning decks last Summer due to his yellow and his extra health to close out games. Nightbrother is a simple meat shield, but a huge one at that.

The Palace Guard states that if there is a Leader in play, he gains the Guardian keyword. How important is this? Well, with subtypes being more important now in gameplay it becomes crucial to pair the Palace Guard with a Leader or two to fully benefit from his ability. Most of the Leaders that will be paired with the Palace Guard need to be protected to build a solid board state and start tearing the enemy down. At 9 health, this Guardian feature will benefit you for a few turns to move some potential damage from one character to the Palace Guard. The damage sides on the Guard are no joke for a support character. Two base damage sides and a plus 2 modified side are great bonus damage to help kill a character or put the pressure on an opponent to mitigate this dice. The 1 focus side can really come in handy with vehicle decks or decks that need to ramp resources as you can use this to focus into more money. A 1 shield side is a great side to resolve to grow the health pool of your characters. I would even argue that with this support it is better to have the shield side than the resource side, as you will in most cases pair him with people who already have resource sides.

So how are some good ways to make use of the Palace Guard? In Day 1 of our week long series we go the vehicle route with single die Biggs, Palace Guard, and elite Satine. This does leave us 3 points however so guess who makes an appearance? You guessed it. Armored Reinforcement. Let’s go.


The deck is focused around getting the Legacies Millennium Falcon on the table Turn 1 and abusing its ability to activate another character. The synergy between Biggs, the Falcon, and Satine can result in ideal rolls to force your opponent into early mitigation situations. Biggs will activate first, followed by the Falcon, where the Biggs ability kicks in to reroll a vehicle or support dice, followed by the Falcon ability to activate another character. We will choose to activate Satine and let her be able to reroll any one of our dice we want. The potential for massive damage is there, and with a card like Instigate, watch out. Damage will be dealt.


Our upgrade package will be primarily focused around mods for the Falcon. We need to get 3 on it as quick as possible to deal the damage necessary to win. 2 Triple Laser Turrets protect the Falcon die and provide a strong bump in damage. These are a staple in any vehicle deck. 2 Arc Casters help us go faster if Biggs dies and provides additional damage. These will be the two primary mods we want, but we are including 1 Dorsal Turret to use as Upgrade fodder when the time comes and to possibly get a free damage or discard from the roll in. I'm in the camp with this card that no matter what side this rolls, you do not reroll it if it is resolvable. A 1 discard is a great way to close the hand of an opponent before rolling in the big boys. We have 2 R2 Astromechs to give us an opportunity to reset the Falcon. This isn't the Shadow Caster so we don't need to play it to save a resource cost. We are looking to use it to pump out more damage at the end of turns. There are times an opponent will claim early to gain control of the battlefield and allow you to pay 2 resources to reset the Falcon and mod dice to roll them back in and resolve unmitigated. The Resistance Ring, a new upgrade from Convergence, helps ramp resources or allows us to play a red event from ANY discard pile as if it were our own. We do have to pay the cost for the event, but with our event package filled with healing cards this special can literally save our lives! Or, if we like an event from an opponent's discard pile we just use it to our advantage. The +1 resource sides are a nice bump to get the mods on quicker. Just a good overall upgrade. Oh yeah, when you play it you can discard the top card of a deck. Just another opportunity for a red event to land in the discard pile. Perfect.


Our main support is the Falcon. This card has been around for over a year so not a big need to go over the details but I will say do not be afraid to resolve for the 2 resource side early. You have plenty of health early on to build your board state and you will need it. A single Falcon die will not win you games in this support heavy meta early on. I decided to add 2 Conscript Squads for it's ability to roll in with a Leader and because it's an upgrade playing as a Support. A 1 cost weapon, DH-17, was a staple for red decks for the longest time. It could deal damage and had decent sides. This is the newer version, but with no resource side. If you look it matches the sides of the Palace Guard except for the +1 side on the Squad. Let's go back though to our earlier idea of playing an Instigate. Biggs is 1 die, the Falcon is 1 if not 2 or 3 dice, Satine is 2 dice, and the Conscript Squad is 1. If the Falcon has an average of 2 dice on it you will be rolling out 6 dice at once. That is a ton of damage looking right at your opponent.


Our event package is pretty standard mitigation wise, with 2 Easy Pickings, 1 Entangle, 2 Electroshock, and 2 Risky Move being the “Spot a Yellow” character. This is where the Palace Guard will play a key role. He needs to be able to Guardian a powerful dice to keep Satine alive and keep these cards online throughout the game. Her death leaves us with possibly 7 dead cards. That's not very good. There are 2 Field Medics and 2 Mends as well. I considered First Aid but the Red character limitation puts us in a bind when trying to keep our money maker Satine alive. Plus, that good ol Resistance Ring will let us recycle these in later rounds with the special. Brutal to see someone heal 2 damage from a discard pile. There are 2 Measure for Measure to use the Palace Guard die for removal. It's a good die, but we all have to make sacrifices somewhere in life. The 2 Instigates will hopefully let our deck roll out almost everything and be able to resolve for massive amounts of damage.


This battlefield will be in many decks with the departure of Theed. Instead of gaining resources we now want to blank dice or turn our Leader dice to any side. It's a strong battlefield, as evident by the number of decks currently running it. No need for more discussion right now.


Han/Biggs was a fast moving deck that got in, and got out. This deck can get in quick, but will take some controlling on the back end to make it successful. You don't want to activate the Guard too early to save the Guardian feature and you don't want to hold off too long and miss out on a chance to kill someone. I would say this deck in normal circumstances would be mediocre. Nothing really there to make it stand out. However, with the Palace Guard and Resistance Ring in the mix this deck jumps way up. It can hit hard and fast and keep cycling healing cards every round to make your health pool that much larger. I bet by the third time you play Mend from the discard pile your opponent will probably give up. Not really, but they will not be happy campers. Give it a whirl. It will be fun and you might be shocked how much money it can make and how much damage you can deal. Go for it!

The decklist is down below.

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Matt Rice