Our recent series based around the Sentinel Messenger showed the versatility of the droid in many decks, from the power of Vader to the droid frenzy of Aphra and Grievous. He brings quite a bit to the table for Villain. Is there a character in Convergence that can act similarly to the Messenger for Hero? I don’t know that this character can do everything the Messenger can, but he brings a different set of strengths to the table and can make an impact in whatever deck he is played in. For this week we are going to look at different decks that feature the Naboo Palace Guard and try to see how he can add value to the deck and possibly be the key to winning some games. First, let’s check out the Guard himself.


Over the life span of Destiny we’ve seen plenty of non unique characters come and go. In most instances, they bring one small feature to the pairing or just fill out a spot for points and health. As we look at the history of these non uniques we notice a pattern with most: their point total is either equal to or higher than their health. For example, the Nightsister from Awakenings was an 8 cost but only had 7 health. The Tusken Raider, a World Champion character, costed 9 points and only carried 8 health. There also have been a few that broke the mold recently, such as Hired Gun and Nightbrother. With Convergence we get another character to add to the mix in the Naboo Palace Guard. He comes in at only 8 points but 9 health. Hired Gun was featured in some winning decks last Summer due to his yellow and his extra health to close out games. Nightbrother is a simple meat shield, but a huge one at that.

The Palace Guard states that if there is a Leader in play, he gains the Guardian keyword. How important is this? Well, with subtypes being more important now in gameplay it becomes crucial to pair the Palace Guard with a Leader or two to fully benefit from his ability. Most of the Leaders that will be paired with the Palace Guard need to be protected to build a solid board state and start tearing the enemy down. At 9 health, this Guardian feature will benefit you for a few turns to move some potential damage from one character to the Palace Guard. The damage sides on the Guard are no joke for a support character. Two base damage sides and a plus 2 modified side are great bonus damage to help kill a character or put the pressure on an opponent to mitigate this dice. The 1 focus side can really come in handy with vehicle decks or decks that need to ramp resources as you can use this to focus into more money. A 1 shield side is a great side to resolve to grow the health pool of your characters. I would even argue that with this support it is better to have the shield side than the resource side, as you will in most cases pair him with people who already have resource sides.

So how are some good ways to make use of the Palace Guard? In Day 2 of our weeklong series we stick with a Yellow Leader, but instead of a money maker like Satine we go the Cassian Andor route. We are looking to make the most out of the Cassian die and pair them with upgrades and the Palace Guard range sides to help get damage out quick. Can this aggro deck work? Let’s check it out.


Cassian is a 10/14 character with 10 health. His subtype of Leader fits in perfectly for the Guards and gives us a 28 health starting out or 30 with shields. His range sides are not impressive, nor are his discard sides in an aggro deck. However, being able to resolve his day and deal 1 indirect to an opponent helps bump the damage curve over the long game. Back during the Piett or Talzin/Commando/Commando days those decks were called “Papercuts” for dealing 1 damage at a time through Power Actions. Our deck has the same feel from the characters, with only one base 2 side coming from Cassian. The rest of the damage sides are 1 range, except for a modified 2 side. We will not win any damage races with those sides which is where our upgrade package takes over and drives the deck into a real damage deck.


Our upgrade package will be full of guns with both base and modified ranged sides. A card like Hidden Blaster is a staple in most ranged decks because it removes a shield from an opponent, has ambush, and two modified 2 ranged sides. At a 2 cost that’s a sweet deal. With Convergence though we are introduced to what I believe is the better version of the Hidden Blaster with the A300 Blaster. We swap ambush for redeploy, which is a win in our column with our characters’ low health. It does not have a resource side though but the disrupt side is not a terrible option against a support heavy opponent. In some cases, a 1 disrupt is better than a 1 ranged side. A great card to use for overwriting is the Jyn Erso Blaster. Being able to reroll the die or discard the top card of a deck gives us two options each time we activate. In most cases we will look to reroll the die if it is not on a damage side as the +3 side sure looks good paired with the 2 base range on Cassian. Rex’s Blaster is just a good 2 cost weapon overall. I’m not sure we will be able to claim the Battlefield every single round but if we do, we get to roll in 2 characters once this hits the board. Solid option. I included 2 Verpine Sniper Rifles for the special. 3 damage sides with one a special gets around some of the mitigation cards removing sides showing damage. Dealing 2 UNBLOCKABLE is a great feature against decks like Vader and Palpatine that have 2 shield sides. Gets right underneath the shields and keeps the pressure on. The one side I really like on the Sniper Rifle however is the Focus. It has good synergy with the Palace Guards where each can focus the other into damage. With multiple focus dice we can now start looking at some events to help resolve dice after focusing but that will be discussed later. Our final upgrade is the Riot Shield. We did not include this yesterday because we only had one Trooper in our deck. Today we have 2 Troopers and almost had 3 with the possible inclusion of Stealthy in the deck. It did not make the final cut however but having 2 Troopers gives Riot Shield a more solid place in the deck. It can make one Palace Guard up to 15 health or keep one of them alive for one more turn. It’s a great card for the Guard, especially since he is a GUARDIAN and can use the Riot Shields to deflect damage away from Cassian.


To be honest, our support and event package is pretty standard compared to most other red/yellow hero decks. We have our 2 Easy Pickings and Measure for Measure to use Trooper dice. There are a few cards however in this deck that can really swing a turn our way if needed. Leverage works great in this deck because we will have so many sides showing low number range sides so we can remove an opponent’s die showing damage. At 1 cost and not having to remove our dice this is a nice card in this particular deck. Risky Move is another great removal card in this deck as our goal will be to keep Cassian alive as long as possible. The longer he is around the more chances we have to use Risky Move. In my one year of playing Destiny I have yet to have an opponent play a card after Risky Move and use the Ambush feature to deal serious damage to my characters. This card, in my opinion, is drastically under played in yellow decks. I really like Scruffy as a way to control a Palp or Snoke deck from ramping those big time cards like Force Storm or Vader’s Fist. You do need to be very aware of the opponent’s deck and cards to make this work perfectly, but at the least it will give you hand knowledge for the round. Aggressive Negotiations is a one of because if the situation is perfect I want to use this to either mitigate dice or give us extra damage against a Phasma or Aphra deck. One final card to mention would be Strike Back. Across the board our characters make this card a perfect fit. We get focus from the Naboo Guard, discard from Cassian, and range sides from any of our dice. The final card would be 2 Power Surge. Normally only one of these is necessary, but the fact that only ONE side of all our dice, including characters and upgrade dice, has a resource cost (Verpine Sniper Rifle) frees us resources for blowout cards and upgrades. A chance to deal 4 direct or 4 indirect off one die is always good but even better when you can use this to kill an opponent’s character. It just shows up out of nowhere and they have to scramble afterwards.


This deck is a solid mixture of upgrades and control cards to help you build a solid board state and maintain as many characters for the long game. The health pool is on par with most other 3 wide decks and affords us time to get where we want to in the deck. The Riot Shields on the Guards using Guardian is just plain awesome. Guardian a 3 range and just take it on the Shield and now you are ready to start dealing damage back. Look out for this deck if it can win the battlefield and get a Riot Shield and some upgrade early. This deck could be a great deck for a newer player also in that your goal is to deal as much damage as possible and getting lots of cool weapons on your characters.

The decklist is down below.


Matt Rice