Solidarity Tourney Report – Kit/Luke 2nd Place

Recently the Outer Rim hosted their first Solidarity tournament to help build excitement for the next set and maybe even a little rotation hype to play some of the cards that will not see play again until Infinite format is finalized. As the resident mill player in our local group I considered quite a few options involving mill before making a decision to pivot to Blue Hero. The event package and upgrades for this deck, along with a couple lesser used cards normally, make Blue Hero a strong competitor in specialty events such as Solidarity. I'll go over the deck list I used in the tournament, then explain what cards I would change out and some that were MVP cards throughout the day.


Luke and Kit as a pair are perfect for Solidarity and each other because of how well they compliment each other without having many matching die sides. Both characters can and probably play better on the defensive whether it's Luke taking shields for himself or Kit, or Kit using his melee dice to block incoming damage to himself. Don't let that fool you though. They can each put out massive amounts of damage out of nowhere if you ramp up properly. In many of my swiss rounds I would take resources instead of trying for max damage turn one to build a better board state and overwhelm the opponent with dice early.


The standard package of Blue Hero upgrades fit here, along with a few other less notable inclusions.

Having one copy of Force Illusion is not great, but it's better than zero copies. Can save damage at the right time but can also mill some pretty hefty cards from my deck. Heirloom Lightsaber is great as an overwrite option of a 2 cost weapon such as Shoto or Luke's Lightning Rod. The Redeploy feature only accents how good this weapon can be. In this tournament I didn't see much play from the Ancient Lightsaber but it is such a great card you simply can't leave it at home. It stays, but could see better use. I had a Counterstroke in my deck thinking it would help me get free damage with its ability but either it didn't see much play or people worked around the card. This is a definite cut if I run the deck again. Qui Gon's Saber is a great way to keep constant shields on Luke or Kit Each time you lose a shield you can exhaust the card to gain a shield back. NICE! This along with the Obi-Wan Saber each have 2 shield sides which are very useful. The Obi Saber special gaining a shield then dealing unblockable damage to a character is at minimum a 2 point swing, but can be a 4 point swing.

The weapons in the deck are needed for damage and great for taking shields, but Force Jump and Force Focus were the MVP cards of this deck. Force Jump is becoming an auto include in almost every Blue deck. It acts a mitigation so you can run a few less cards for other purposes. It also happens to have a shield side to add to all the other shields in this deck. Force Focus saw an absolute ton of play this tournament. Two special sides that allow me to change one of my dice, then show a blue card in my hand to change an opponent's dice is clutch. I expect this card to see more play with rotation.


The only support I ran in the deck was Your Eyes Can Deceive You, but it was very useful because Luke rolls tons of shields and did I mention the die sides on these upgrades? SHIELDS FOR DAYS! Another card that did not see a ton of use in most metas but works flawlessly with Luke.


Most of my event package either revolves around rerolling dice or giving my characters shields. Cards like Guard are only good with Kit alive and could always see the cutting room floor if a better card came along. I put Luke's Training in originally to grab Force Illusion out from my discard pile if needed but I actually ended up using it more for Force Focus. I could use that card in Round 1 for a free discard to reroll then be able to grab it Round 2 or later and play it. Pacify gives me the option to give myself 2 shields or remove an opponent's dice. I like these options. Way of the Light is another great removal card as it removes any villain OR neutral die. Opponent have a Dagger die showing damage? No problem! The die is neutral so you can remove it and get it out of the pool. Loth-Wolf Bond gives each blue character a shield and then I get to roll both of them into the pool. If I'm playing from behind this lets me catch up quickly and put pressure on my opponent they were not expecting. Hidden Motive is an auto include so enough said there. Synchronicity also falls into this category with this type of deck. The characters themselves with no upgrades are perfect candidates for this card. Mislead works well to get a 1 or 2 focus off the board or if an opponent is wanting to build resources for a big support. Overconfidence will be a missed card during rotation due to its option to reroll two of your opponent's dice or you can use one of your own to remove their dice. I did this twice and both times tied, which lets me choose the die to remove. Having options is great. Sound the Alarm is just a good card when an opponent wants to stack damage without resolving some piece by piece. Lightsaber Pull got an upgrade in my hand to further my board state. Simple. I had Caution and Reaping the Crystal in the deck but they actually saw limited play and would remove those going forward.


This deck can deal damage if your opponent doesn't take it seriously. Luke's dice are so valuable to the overall success of the deck. At the next Solidarity tournament, I would remove Caution, Reaping the Crystal, and Counterstroke and replace them with Conflicted, Force Speed, and Renewed Purpose. I've included the updated deck list below for you to check out. This was a fun deck to run and congratulations to Maul of Jackalmen Games on the victory. Those Planned Explosions were just too much to overcome.


******We have included Round 4 of the Solidarity Tournament for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!******




Vu Nguyen