The Bachelorette: Ahsoka

I'm currently in my living room right now thinking of some article to write. It's 7:00 pm this Tuesday night, and it just so happens that The Bachelor is on TV so my wife is glued to the show about fake love and trying to find that one "perfect" pair among many. Well this got me thinking. Which character in Destiny is looking for that one right partner? Someone to compliment that character through thick and thin and someone who will help the other in case one falls. I looked through the current set of characters before Convergence and there are some possibilities for a Bachelorette: Star Wars Destiny version. Let's take a look at some of the ones who were close but ultimately did not get the final rose of Destiny.



Iden is someone who throughout her life in Destiny has been searching far and wide for a partner that can promote her style of play which is slow and fair. She wants to roll out and force you to take one action at a time while mitigating dice and cards from you methodically.  As a single character she is GREAT. Her 2 sides are worth the 12/15 cost and allows her to pair with plenty of options, just not anyone that blows you away. She did well in Regionals with Mother Talzin and Armored Reinforcement, but it didn't perform at the level some (and by some I mean me) thought it could. Unless there are some 1 cost red/grey weapons similar to the DH-17 pistol she may have to take a back seat and pray the next set AFTER Convergence gives her the partner she desires. Maybe they'll print Del (Her Husband in Battlefront 2 for those who didn't play the video game. Great story BTW...actual Canon and ties directly in to The Last Jedi). I'm sorry Iden, but you did not receive a rose tonight. Please say your goodbyes.



A 15/20 character that has mean damage sides and a special that is legit, but with no real partner to make her shine. She is the Hero version of Dryden Vos, just out in the wilderness looking for a partner that can give her a 4 die start while picking up the slack in late game situations. A local in our area tried her with lil orphan Annie a few times and that seemed to work ok, if he got mitigation in every hand. One turn without mitigation though and boom she was wiped off the map and her villain upgrades just floated in the wind like Black Panther at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. Solid character, but once again nobody to really steal her heart. I'm sorry Bo, you did not receive a rose tonight. Please say your goodbyes.


PALPATINE (Legacies)

Ah, good ol' Legacies Palpatine. I can see him now searching the galaxy for a partner. Even Jeremy, the lead designer for the game now, stated that the point cost for him was too high because they worried about his power. After playing him paired with Luce in our Solidarity Tournament recently I can somewhat understand the hesitation to lower his point value. He's a great character and his mixed sides would usually draw a red flag for players but work out amazing with his Power Action. The chance to play Snare with only 1 resource because you rolled a 2 range and 2 melee is pretty sweet. However, this is the extent of his play in the Legacies block. The 20 point characters just don't have much life due to no 10 point characters that have damage sides you would WANT to use. The new Palpatine is a better cost at 18 elite, and therefore open to many more pairings (cough cough cough Sly Moore). For Legacies Palp though, he doesn't make it out of the Limo before being told to go home. Palp, no rose for you tonight. Please say your goodbyes.



There is a pretty consistent theme here with 20 point characters really having a hard time finding that right pairing. I know this is based on the points and all but that 20 point threshold for some reason just makes these characters unplayable on a high consistent level. His special can work wonders if you stack your deck with high cost stuff and little mitigation. Some people tried Bib Fortuna with him for the ability to roll in Dryden's character die but that's just plain gross. Mono yellow villain? Might as well just concede now and not get embarrassed the next time you try this junk. He and Mother Talzin are ok but that's just gross to think of them as a pair so I'm vetoing that from the beginning. Sorry Dryden, none of the contestants want to see your face on a regular basis. No rose for you. Get out. Now.


We have weeded out a few of the candidates that could compete for the Bachelorette and after a lot of thought and deliberation the Final Rose has a home. Congratulations to...


AHSOKA TANO (Convergence)

She's Blue Hero. At 8/11 she can be a perfect partner for a multitude of characters, whether Blue or another color. Her ability is focused for Blue Hero, especially Jedi though, and those characters will be the ones to get the First Impression Rose in her season. One of her modified sides can be resolved if you activate a Jedi and her dice are already in the pool. The 8 health is a concern with these fat vehicles in play but there are ways around that with the right partner. So how would Star Wars Destiny Ahsoka describe her ideal partner and the one she would want to take on the world of Destiny with? Let's take a look at a few options and let you decide who will get the ultimate Final Rose and pair with Ahsoka forever (forever being this upcoming set lol).



New Mace Windu is a Jedi, so he immediately checks off the top priority box. He has a 50 percent chance of hitting damage. 50 percent chance to hit 4 damage right off the bat. Yep. That's not too shabby. His Power Action lets you look at the top 4 cards AND play an upgrade from them. No need for Lightsaber Pull here, Mace has this one covered. The tiny problem with this is initially Ahsoka is NOT a Jedi, therefore she does not get the shield from his Power Action. Is it really that important to get a shield early in a game? No. End game? Maybe. Either way, the Power Action is a huge bonus and will work well getting Ashoka tanked up when Mace goes down.

Mace and Ahsoka only add up to 28 points though. That means we get to add a PLOT! There are a few new ones with Convergence, from Force Flow to Astrogation to Lightsaber Mastery. Force Flow is too limited. Paying 2 points and potentially more health to turn ONE die? Thanks, but not thanks. Astrogation is not a bad idea for this deck, as Mace's Power Action will give you a chance to play plenty of upgrades. In my opinion it's worth a shot to try this plot but initially Lightsaber Mastery will be the plot of choice. Having two extra cards in your "deck" is good against mill and with any other deck the two cards can be surprise cards your opponent doesn't see coming and can wreck a turn if played correctly.

Mace comes out of the blocks strong but there are a few competitors still left. The next character, added to Ahsoka's point total, makes a perfect 30 points and gives her extra health along the way. Meet....



Legacies Obi-Wan gives Ahsoka a partner at exactly 30 points. His die sides match better with Ahsoka's, including shield sides for those +2 shields on her. He probably gives you the most ideal start. You activate Ahsoka, roll a +2 shield and blank. You activate Obi-Wan, give her the shield, AND resolve her +2 shield side all at the same time. She goes from an 8 health weakling to an 11 health power character that can stick around for a few extra turns. Nice! This deck would play alot more passively than the Mace deck would but lasts longer. You need a quicker style game to win with Mace/Ahsoka and this deck can bide it's time and shield up to force an opponent to discard for more damage or mill them out over time.

This combo screams Obi-Wan's Hut for obvious reasons. However, if you lose the roll off and get the +2 shields early on Ahsoka, you theoretically will go from 20 health to 25 health just like that. That's a strong 2 character health pool. You will also want to run cards like Heightened Awareness and Defensive Stance to add to the health pool while building your board state.

Obi-Wan will shield her up, but is that what she wants in a pairing?? The final contestant...or CONTESTANTS...take a little from Mace and some from Obi-Wan to for a unique pairing. Introducing the final pairing for the Final Rose....



The thematic pairing. Ezra/Ahsoka. Wait. Who the heck is this Vigilant Jedi?! He's the newest Jedi on the scene for Convergence and he helps this deck meet one must have to work with Ahsoka: JEDI. She needs that keyword to resolve her modified sides which is why he is a must in the deck. He has decent damage sides and has built in mitigation with his special, allowing him to remove a die showing damage AND deal 1 damage to a character. He's the Obi-Wan of this deck with his two damage sides. The Mace of this deck would be good ol' Ezra. A Power Action to draw a card if Ezra has an upgrade on him or two if he has multiple upgrades. While it's not as powerful as Mace it does help get cards into your hand to play. That's important in a deck with low health pools across the board. It's 24 health overall, but any one character could get knocked off the board in one turn with no mitigation in your hand.

One great thing about this deck is the 5 die start. Having eEzra and eAhsoka gives you an early head up on your opponent before you play a single upgrade. The die sides individually will not win you any games but the power comes in numbers here. It can win if the deck performs well. If not, it could be a quick exit for Ezra and the Vigilant Jedi in this contest.



This was a hard fought season of The Bachelorette: Ahsoka. The contestants all bring value to the pairing and could provide something the others cannot. Mace can almost guarantee weapons and damage early. Obi-Wan brings health and longevity. Ezra/Vigilant Jedi bring a mixed combo of the first two, but at the expense of being overall weak characters. So who wins?


I would find it hard to pick between Obi-Wan and Mace. My heart tells me Obi-Wan but my mind wants me to run Mace with the plot. Since this is The Bachelorette version, I'm going with Obi-Wan. He consistently protects her and can still ramp. The larger health pool gives you more options later in the game to help defeat your opponent and win close games. I worry about Mace if he doesn't draw a weapon early or if Ahsoka is the opponent's target.

I'll run both because I'm very excited about Ahsoka and her possibilities, especially once the new draft set comes out with Knighthood, but the Final Rose goes to Obi-Wan. Congrats old man.



Matt Rice