Watto We Going To Do About Snoke?

First of all, I'd like to apologize for that terrible intro. My 1 month old son walked up to me while building his newest deck and asked me this question verbatim. He's still trying to learn the game and all so bear with him. Ha. Fine. I made it up. Forgive me. Dad jokes have taken over my life now. Yet, even though as you roll your eyes at this past paragraph you know you are asking yourself this question: What are we going to do about Snoke? He's already been nerfed once and he is still super powerful. He's the support your girlfriend told you not to worry about but you do anyways. With Convergence being announced as having a March 28th release date we FINALLY are able to really start thinking about what decks to build and what will be strong initially in the meta. Who should Snoke be paired with to destroy other decks and climb back to the top of the meta ladder? How about a character whose character dice cannot be removed by opponent's events? Not a bad start. What if this character could make you sick amounts of money to get those vehicles out early and often? Well, thanks to the guys over at Sons of Mandalore (@mandolorepod for you Twitter guys) we have our answer. To get this deck started, let's talk about a new guy to the field: Watto.


He's a Stubborn Gambler. He's a Scoundrel. He's a Scavenger. He's the man who loves money. Watto is a 9/12 Yellow Villain character with 9 health. He can make you money quick and disrupt an opponent's money source at the same time. He rolls a resource and a 2 disrupt. As the opponent you cannot remove the die (You can resolve the die if you play events that allow you to resolve an opponent's as if it were your own so be on the lookout for those cards) and this just deflates you. It could force you to use a resource earlier than anticipated or just sit back and take the hit while Watto builds money. This is gross. He's going to be a great character for vehicle decks, and since he fits with Snoke and a FOST, you have access to any vehicle you want. He needs to be the primary target you go after if you see this across from you. But kill him quick. The longer he survives, the more vehicles you are going to have to deal with.


I really don't think you need to hear more about Snoke but because Watto is new and their interaction is super strong let's discuss how this occurs and how to optimize these character dice. Personally, I'm under the strong impression that whatever you roll out on Watto you will want to Snoke one of those dice. The 1 discard becomes a 3 discard. The 1 resource becomes a 3 resource. If you're against another vehicle deck you can Snoke the 2 disrupt to wreck their money. His focus sides will be fantastic with the amount of vehicles the deck will get out. Snoke is just so good. End of story.


He shoots stuff. He got reprinted.

The deck features a 27 health pool so your aggro 2 wide will have to take a few extra turns getting through the characters. Make sure to protect Watto at all costs early. Once your board state is in good shape you can let him die like his Chance Cube did with rotation. Too soon? Nah. Let's go over the deck list and what cards will stand out in the list.


Normally upgrades would have their own category but since there are only 2 upgrades and 2 downgrades we will put these together and talk about both here. The only upgrade in the deck is the Handheld L-S1 Cannon. Similar to the Aphra/Grievous deck (if you haven't read that article this card is in that deck for the same reason as this), both of these upgrades can be played without a big fear of having a wasted card. I might suggest putting the first on the FOST as few people will target him first and if he is the last character alive you at least have some firepower to finish games. The damage sides are amazing. The artwork is not great (The Outer Rim has made an alt art card featuring Carrie Fisher from Blues Brothers. If you want to see it check out our Discord under Outer Rim Exclusives!) but that is the only fault of this card. With rotation upon us this will see much more play and less chances of it being mitigated.

The new downgrade Hampered is a 0 cost red neutral card that you play on an opponent's character of your choice. Once this card is played on an opponent that character cannot resolve more than one of their character dice per turn and those dice CANNOT be modified. Talk about slowing down a deck while you're building your own. This will go on the main character for damage or Yoda. That muppet and his stupid special chaining needs to be contained and this will do the trick just fine. SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT: If you want to know how well this card works check out our YouTube channel and find the video with Phasma/Commando vs. Yoda/Enfys. I play it Turn 1 and it drastically slows him down. It's solid. You might see this as a 2 of in most red decks early on so be prepared.


The heavy hitters can all come together in this deck and join forces to destroy an opponent. Any time you can get 4 Tie Fighters onto the field with Snoke it's guaranteed damage unless the opponent is playing five 0 cost mitigation cards. Doubt it. These saw a lot of early play with Thrawn/Snoke, but faded as Snoke took his nerf. They were bound to return and here they are. Thanks Watto. 2 Planetary Bombardments take the breath out of a game when they hit the field. Get the Ties out first then one of these and boom there is 4 indirect, ambush, and you just rolled a 5 indirect for free. Ouch. Just hope you don't roll a ton of blanks with this die. The damage sides are spectacular. Vader's Fist is ok. Ok in the sense that it can change games in the blink of an eye on it's own. You can be down to your last character and if this hits the field, watch out! Roll it in and start dealing damage. We have added two new supports from Convergence in Hired Muscle and V-Wing. Hired Muscle is a 1 cost Yellow support that has mean damage sides, but all sides of the die come at a 1 resource cost. It is truly hired indeed. Once again though Watto makes those worries go away so this will be resolvable at any point in the game. The V-Wing is a 3 cost neutral vehicle with two abilities: If a villain vehicle die is in your pool you can decrease the cost of this die by 1, basically meaning all sides would be free. If you were playing this in a hero deck this die could not be removed by opponents if you have a hero vehicle die in your pool. It has two 3 range sides and a 2 discard that can finish an opponent's turn before they were ready. It's a fun card but I'm not personally sold how successful it will be on a Tier 1 level. Overall these supports are the bad boys of Star Wars Destiny and will not play nice. Get them out early and enjoy the ride.


The event package here can be a little more expensive than your typical event suite as you will more than likely have the money for these cards at any point with Watto. Man the more I think about Watto the more I like his ability. He's solid. Just saying. The first event is 2 Delve for obvious reasons. We can deal ourselves 1 indirect with the amount of health we have to get a big support out such as Vader's Fist or Planetary Bombardment. For dice mitigation there are 2 Beguile to mess with multiple dice at once. It's just such a great mitigating card to use. 2 Entangle gets rid of two dice showing a value of 3 or less. Get rid of 2 Yoda specials or a 3 range and blank from an opponent. 2 Flank and 1 Outnumber are great in this deck because you will be spending so much time setting up your board state early or activating supports first that your opponent will roll their characters out first and trigger Flank. Outnumber is situational because I do think the early meta will be 3 or 4 wide. Good call only running one here. Probably the easiest card to remove for something else if needed. 2 Hidden Motive is a staple when blue is in the deck. Call a side and hit it. Get that Iden range die out of here! There is only 1 The Best Defense...because the poor FOST is 7 health. We want to try and keep him alive but he can sacrifice for the greater cause when necessary. The last event is 2 Risky Move. This will require you to help keep Watto alive but is such a great removal card. Spot a Yellow Character to remove a die. The next card an opponent plays has ambush. WHO CARES! 90 percent of the time they won't have a card that can directly affect you unless it's something like Clash or Triple Threat. Play it more. It can do wonders to remove a huge die side from an opponent.


First of all thanks to Stephen (Outer Rim Lanza) for putting all the deck lists together this week for us to talk about on the Podcast. He has such a creative mind and really knows how to build a strong deck. This part of the article is completely my opinion though so if you message him on Discord and ask him his starting hand he will probably want something different.

First card I want is Delve. I'm already starting with two resources and I have a decent shot of winning the battlefield roll off with my dice so Theed will give me the third resource for free. Boom. Delve into the second card, Vader's Fist. Now I have an effective “fourth” character who will just punch you in the mouth nonstop for 3 to 5 rounds. Let's see how long you can handle that. My third card would be a Hidden Motive. It's 0 cost and can limit an opponent from building their board if that's their play or stopping damage if they are aggro. Hampered needs to be in my opening hand to place on a primary target. I need some way to slow them down even without me having much mitigation turn 1. Finally I would like to have one Tie Fighter. With Snoke doing his thing to the 1 resource side on Watto I can play this one round one, look for the next one and get ready to blow Ties out by round two. Then sit back and watch the Tie Swarm do their thing.


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Stephen Lanza and Matt Rice