Convergence has been out for right at 3 weeks now and most in the community have opened boxes in hopes of getting those sweet new cards. Some were looking for Captain Phasma, while others searched high and low for Emperor Palpatine. Now that the community has had a few weeks to swap cards and buy those they didn't get there's been a strange disturbance in the Star Wars Destiny Uncommon Force. No one seems to have Routs available for sale or trade!

When I opened my packs on release day my goal was to get 2 playsets of everything except Legendary items and get 1 full playset of those. For the most part I was successful but a few cards did manage to slip through my fingers. I only ended up with 2 Hampered, 2 Riot Shields, 2 Forsakens, and 3 of a few others. I managed to find 2 Riots as well, but as I started trying to make trades and looking online for those missing cards I noticed most online stores that sell Destiny products were out of this card. As of this article, the ONLY store I could find that had any available was Kingwood Hobbies out of the Houston area. I tried as many other websites that I know sell product on a consistent basis and no one had any for sale. Kingwood's site stated they had "a few left" and were 7.99 each. YIKES! That's in the range of an Easy Pickings or Entangle and the card has only been out for 3 weeks. So this begins to beg the question: Is Rout the new Easy Pickings? The card that is a staple for a color and provides a way to remove any quality dice from an opponent? The answer is simple. It's better. That's why this card will continue to sell out the moment some become available across the internet. But why is it so good? Let's take a deeper dive into this card and its impact on the Convergence Meta.



Rout is a 1 cost Red Neutral event that simply reads "For every 3 dice in your pool, you may remove a die". In an early meta where there are tons of dice, especially red dice, flooding the board early and often , this card is basically turned on from Turn 1 until the final round. For instance, if you play Iden Versio and play a Conscript Squad, the ability on the Squad allows you to roll this die in after activating a leader. That's 3 dice in 1 Turn. You now have a chance to remove a big damage side from an opponent and slow them down. A 1 cost card that allows us to remove any die is a resource well spent. Compared to other 1 cost like By Any Means, where not only do we have to remove a die showing a value of 2 or higher, we have to deal ourselves an indirect. We are paying 1 to save 1 damage. Good in an Aphra deck, but not ideal anywhere else. Mislead is another 1 cost to remove a character die with a value of 2 or less. Now take a card like Easy Pickings. The holy grail of removal for Yellow Hero, or just Hero in general. The first criteria is to Spot a Yellow character. This is fine in an HQ deck with 2 yellow characters or even an Enfys Nest/Marauder/Marauder deck. Outside of this, once your yellow character is defeated the card loses its impact in the game. Its strong point has always been the ability to remove 2 dice showing the same side and value. But sometimes a 1 range and a +1 range are not really worth using Easy Pickings. It gets them out of the pool, but a card like Rout can remove the base damage and force an opponent to either discard a card to reroll or play some other strategy.

But wait! There's More! Notice that the card says "For EVERY 3 dice...". Well, that just opens up a whole new can of worms. A mitigation card that has versatility is dangerous. Red decks right now can get lots of dice on the table, especially Captain Phasma and FOST. For only 1 resource, you can play a Conscript Squad, and after activating both characters AND the Power Action on Phasma you already have 6 Trooper dice in the field. That leaves you with 1 resource to play Rout and remove 2 of your opponent's dice. That's not a bad Turn 1. Then with you building your board state with other supports, including those amazing Megablaster Troopers, you will have plenty of dice at any given point to remove quality dice. This card can end a round faster than almost anything else when played at the right time.



A card as solid as Rout can now officially join the ranks of Easy Pickings and Entangle as some of the best removal in the game. Being neutral opens it up to both sides of the aisle so characters like Rex or Padme can use this card to their advantage also. So if you want to know where all the Routs are, they are being held by their original owners because the card is worth holding onto. I don't know what the final price for this card will land but if I look up in a few weeks and this card is on the market above 10 dollars, don't count me as surprised. Eventually it will settle into the Easy Pickings/Entangle/Hidden Motive range, but with this shortage the market will raise the cost. Anyone willing to buy 2 for 25 a piece let me know! Ha!

This article is shorter than our usual articles, but after a few days of checking the internet for copies of this I started talking to our local group and it seemed everyone needed at least 1 if not 2 of this card. It's popular. Be ready to see it in any red deck going forward.

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Matt Rice