Where in the World is Alexsandr Kallus?

I first got into Star Wars Destiny back during the middle of the Legacies block. I started with the 2 player set and worked my way from there, building a collection of characters from across the Star Wars Universe. One of the first characters I opened from a booster pack was good ol’ Kallus, the villain of Season 1 of Rebels turned hero in later seasons. I looked at his damage sides and thought this guy would be a great starting character for me to get accustomed to this new game. Let’s take an in depth look at this character and analyze what formats he could be relevant in, if any. Let’s go.


Kallus is a 14 point for single die, 18 point for elite Red Villain with a 1 melee, 3 melee with a resource cost, 1 range, 2 range, resource, and a blank. That’s 4 damage sides. The only other character with a similar stat line would be Savage Oppress but he has a modified side. Having a die with four damage sides means you can put constant pressure on an opponent to spend money to mitigate a die instead of ramping their resources for supports or upgrades. His Power Action lets you turn a die showing ranged to melee, and vice versa. I’m not sure the Power Action is great unless you go from a 1 range to a 3 melee. That’s about it. The mixed damage sides allow you to pair him with either a melee character or a range one depending on how you feel. I’ve always been more of a melee fan personally, but I could see him helping a range deck be successful. His 12 health is stout and not easy to chew through. He’s not going to be one shot Turn 1 like other characters and gives you time to build a decent board state, one that is a little different from other characters where you won’t need as many upgrades to put out the damage.


Well, the simple answer is he’s overcosted. An 18 point character only allows support characters to be his wingman. Before Across the Galaxy the only viable partner for Kallus was Mother Talzin. She is a solid support with focus and range damage but she limits her partner in that you can really only run odd number cards to make her ability effective. This removes key upgrades such as Treasured Lightsaber, Crafted Lighsaber, Handheld L-S1 Cannon, the new Quicksilver Baton, and any other 2 cost upgrades or 0 cost removal. I’m sorry, but playing a Hunting Rifle just isn’t effective in a meta with Vader’s Fist and Firespray running rampant. Without any other realistic partner for a 4 die start we could look at running Kallus as single die and finding a good 16 point character. Maul immediately comes to mind but WOOF. You think Kallus is bad have you seen Maul? He hits the discard side more than Kallus hits damage. Even though Kallus has different damage sides the fact he has 4 compared to 2 on Maul feels like a waste of talent. The only other figure that I think has not been tried with Kallus is single die Snoke. He gives you focus and makes the 1 melee or 1 range side a 3. It might be worth a shot but with Force Illusion rotating out it will be too late to make that work. The question is in the pairing could a one die Snoke finish a game if needed? Possibly. You would need to load him up with weapons to force your opponent to choose who to go after first.

Last week I tried to run Kallus with Sebulba. He’s a 9/12 character that also has mixed sides of damage. Normally this would cause me to worry but it also allows some lesser used cards to come into play, such as Take the Fight to Them. It allows you to resolve any damage in the order of your choice and it is a 0 cost. You can only do it twice a game but if you use them right they can surprise kill an opponent in a heartbeat. Sebulba brings something to the table that can combat a vehicle and support heavy meta. A special to place a resource on a support in play combined with Sebulba Always Wins provides you an opportunity to get rid of some big supports to keep Kallus alive longer. Sebulba’s Podracer can be a solid support for the deck because no matter what it rolls you can resolve it and deal a damage to a character if you spot Sebulba, or deal an indirect if you can’t. Either way it is free damage. We need that in this deck. Having access to yellow gives us a great removal package with cards like Entangle and By Any Means. So how did the deck perform? It lost to a Han/Mauler deck that was fast and able to get too many vehicles out. It did beat a Trilogy version of Snoke/Tarkin because the deck moves so slow and without Force Speed and Sith Holocron Snarkin just suffers greatly. It was close though. I think Kallus was down to 2 health remaining. Can Kallus/Sebulba compete on a consistent level? No. You need too many cards to be in your hand at the right time to make an impact. In my Han/Mauler game I didn’t have any mitigation until Turn 3. Lost Sebulba turn 1. So without a solid partner in the Legacies block, can Kallus find one in the new Convergence set? Let’s look at a few options and see what we could run and if it would be viable.


We’ve had most of the new cards from the set spoiled already so we can start looking at who in the set could pair with Kallus and at least make him playable in the new meta. So what exactly do we want in a partner going forward? We need someone who can provide consistent damage to compliment Kallus. We don’t want another Red character because that limits our card pool and we are going to need all the help we can get. Who from the new set could fit in that 12 point range and provide consistent damage? No one. Watto gives you tons of resources and access to Yellow removal but once Kallus is dead you are finished. Sly Moore? Sly no. Her focus sides are great but Kallus is not a Sith so her ability will not be in effect. She’ll be great with Dooku or new Palpatine but not our friend Kallus.

Unfortunately it’s starting to look like there won’t be a solid 4 die start for Kallus. That dang overcost is biting him once again. It’s sad because he could be a solid character. If a 4 die won’t work let’s start looking at a 3 die start. There are two options we can go with and they are two totally different directions. We could go with new Asajj as elite and single die Kallus or single die Snoke and elite Kallus. Either option gives us a much bigger health pool than the standard support but Snoke is a facilitator and Asajj is a damage dealer. We will break down how each pairing works and if either could realistically hold their weight in the new meta.


This is a deck that could be run during the Legacies block but many people were simply too afraid of a 3 die start. What they don’t realize with Snoke is his Power Action acts like an extra dice built in to the die he is Snoking. You do lose one focus die but with 4 damage options on Kallus AND a Power Action to turn a die anyways do we need that much focus? Nah. Elite Kallus also gives us the option to Snoke the resource side and ramp up Snoke with weapons. Kallus in most cases will be the primary target so placing weapons on Snoke gives him a fighting chance once Kallus dies. What kind of weapons would we want to run in this type deck? The new Quicksilver Baton would be a good addition. Snoke is a Leader so the ability to roll the die into your pool will take effect. You’re looking to resolve this die on any base side for that first roll in. Hit a disrupt? Resolve it. With so many vehicle and big support decks coming you need to try and slow them down as much as possible. Kallus’ Bo-Rifle is a good include if it is on Kallus. So many HUGE modified sides and the Power Action can let you change that 1 range to a 3 melee with a plus 3. Scary. The Handheld L-S1 Cannon will be great on Snoke to match indirect sides. It’s just such a great weapon overall. This deck is built around range weapons and indirect with some melee sprinkled in. Once again, a card like Take the Fight to Them will work great in the deck. We just need to find a good substitute for Force Illusion to keep Kallus alive for that extra turn and more damage. How do we do that? Good question. Maybe one of the 40ish remaining cards will give us a general idea of where to go from here.


Snoke/Kallus focused around ranged and indirect with some melee thrown in to appease the 3 side of Kallus. This deck however is all about the melee. With their character numbers we must run one die Kallus and elite Asajj to make this work, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Asajj has a 50 percent chance of hitting damage sides and Kallus can simply resolve the 1 melee along with Asajj or Power Action the 1 range/2 range to a 3 melee and deal massive damage. If we really want to get spicy with the deck we would put in 2 Way of the Force to make Kallus elite and really put the pressure on. This might be a good deck to try this in as each character has a resource side and if we choose to run logistics we an start piling up resources to pay for those big damage sides down the road. If you can find a way to get Way of the Force onto Kallus and get that elusive 4 die start watch out. The only thing holding the deck back are the pay sides on the 3 melee. Imagine rolling in 12 damage but only having 2 resources to resolve 6 of it. Gross. This pairing reminds me of a better Savage/Maul. A 24 health start is great for 2 straight up aggro players looking to deal the damage quick and often. Cards like Hampered can slow an opponent’s turn down and give you the chance to catch up or even go faster than them to claim and stay ahead. We need the Bounties early though for her ability to become active. To be honest, I’m not sure I’m digging hard for a bounty. I’ll run them in the deck but my main focus is making money to get weapons to roll damage. I can run a strong mitigation package including Force Jump to keep an opponent’s dice from becoming too threatening. Running a straight melee package means all the good melee weapons come into play. Heirloom, Dagger, Palp’s Saber, Dooku’s Saber, Treasured, and Maul’s Lightsaber are all good options for the deck. I like the Executioner’s Axe in this deck for an early play and use it as overwrite material later in the game. For some reason the more I think about this deck the more I like it, if Way of the Force sees the board early. A deck that can hit like a mack truck is Villain Destiny at its best. Bring it on.


I like Kallus in Rebels. He’s a heavy hitter who carries a big stick. In Destiny, he’s a heavy hitter who carries a big stick with no one to help him. At least not until now. Look, I’m not telling you that Kallus is going to win some Store Championships this Summer, but if you want to find something that can win here and there and make Kallus valid both options will work. Heck, nothing else has worked so far. I’m personally more leaning on the Kallus/Snoke version as I want to Power Action, change to a 3 melee, then Snoke Power Action to deal 5. Just sounds good. Maybe I’ll make a video of it once Convergence finally comes out and let you see how it works. Until then, check out the video below of Kallus/Sebulba where Sebulba stays alive long enough to get his Podracer out before dying. It’s quick.

Anyways, thank you so much for taking the time to read this article. It’s a little different than most because who the heck runs Kallus? If you like the article and content, make sure to check out our other social media platforms. We have a free Discord you can join and talk Star Wars Destiny, there’s our YouTube channel where we post at least 1 video a week of gameplay, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our new Podcast is live and is available on most of your major Podcast platforms including iTunes, Spotify and Google Play.


Matt Rice